Audio/video monitoring

The future of monitoring is a cloud-based service!

Our media landscape is changing. Technology is enabling changes in the consumption patterns of viewers which challenge the way media businesses are structured, financed, managed and operated. Rohde & Schwarz have long experience in monitoring media workflows and have developed solutions in production and distribution networks deployed around the world. With increasing reliance on either public or private cloud solutions our customers require virtual probes and OPEX based deployment. Our R&S® solution is designed to support these trends and allow customers to deploy cloud-oriented monitoring solutions, simply, easily and quickly.

Why monitoring?

Why monitoring?

Whichever type of media business you are and however you are funded (government, advertising, subscription etc.) and whichever delivery network type you use, you want to keep consumers happy with your service. In such a crowded media landscape a quality experience will reduce channel hopping, churn and loss of viewers. However, determining the cause for elevated viewer mobility is not always straight forward. This is increasingly difficult if B2B service providers such as ISP’s or CDNs are between your service and consumers, not to mention any issues with your own delivery infrastructure. That’s where cloud-based media monitoring comes into play.

The next generation of monitoring is cloud-based!

Adapt to the customer!

Consumers are increasingly expecting mobile, fast, easy and flexible services. Thus, media businesses need their own ability to guarantee quality of service at any time, from anywhere. Whatever network type consumers are receiving your media over, immediacy of monitoring data means your staff can get the information they need, wherever they are and on whichever device they choose.

Monitoring as a Service is the way to go

Gain flexibility through Monitoring-as-a-Service!

Dynamic media consumption requires dynamic media services with similar demands in monitoring of quality of service (QoS) or experience (QoE). That’s why Rohde & Schwarz offer R&S® as an easy, scalable, flexible and dynamic cloud-monitoring solution. Furthermore, as the media services offered to consumers change over time our customers want flexibility of OPEX to track those demand variations. R&S® has been designed to allow our customers to change their own cost model quickly and easily.

Synergies of combining hardware probes and cloud-based services

Create synergies by combining hardware probes and cloud-based services!

Your own infrastructure requires monitoring, based on IT or baseband media system types. In live media delivery solutions, the consumer delivery path will inevitably include live production, management, distribution or contribution links over either type. By combining virtual R&S® probes with a physical R&S®PRISMON on-premise probe, much improved end to end QoS data can be made available. Consequently errors such as video or audio degradation, switching or poor CDN performance can all be detected by combining both tools.

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Designed for cloud-based analysis of media streams delivered OTT to consumers, R&S® expands the view of professional media companies outside their own premises.

Product information

R&S®PRISMON monitoring solutions

Deployed as an audio/video monitoring tool, R&S®PRISMON is one of the most advanced and versatile solutions on the market. R&S®PRISMON is the tool of choice to keep your content quality at the highest level.

Product information

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