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TS8997, change IP address of OSP-B157W8


We are running TS80097 with WMS32 software. Due to changes in the local network we have to adapt the IP address of our OSP 150 with OSP-B157W8.

How can I change the address of the OSP-B157W8 module?


When connecting a monitor to the OSP you can see the IP address of OSP. Since the OSP-B157W8 module has its own computer and IP connection, B157W8W8 must be addressed with a different IP address. The default address is

TS8997, change IP address of OSP-B157W8

You can address the OSP-B157W directly from WMS32:

The address of OSP-B157W8 can be changed with remote commands. The OSP-V157WX (if available) can be changed using the OSP panel.

To change IP address of B157W8, use the following commands:

  • Turn off the DHCP server: SYSTem:COMMunicate:NET:DHCP OFF
  • Set desired IP : SYSTem:COMMunicate:NET:IPADdress "172.17.x.x"
  • OSP restart: SYSTem:COMMunicate:NET:RESTart