RF Measurements

RF Measurements : An initial and quick introduction to radio frequency (RF) - virtual course

Language English
Trainer Dr. Felix Dobias
Price on request
Short designation TV1-002-2E


This virtual training course provides a very quick introduction to RF fundamentals. It is intended for technicians or engineers starting a new job in the RF domain. Beginning with the basic physics , RF fundamentals are presented with a focus on practical aspects and applications. Basic measurements with spectrum analyzers and network analyzer are presented in live demonstrations.


RF Basics

  • Frequency, wavelength, propagation speed
  • Signals in the time domain / frequency domain

Spectrum Analysis (SPA) Fundamentals

  • Heterodyne principle
  • SPA filters and detectors
  • Basic SPA Measurements

Vector Network Analysis (VNA) Fundamentals

  • Signal reflection, standing wave, VSWR
  • S-parameters
  • VNA measurement principle
  • Basic VNA measurements: reflection / transmission measurements

Target Group

Engineers or technician with little experience in the RF domain

Course length in sessions : 4 sessions of 90 mins each / 2 Days

Course Language: English

Location: online. The training link will be sent after booking