R&S®ZVL Vector Network Analyzers

Frequency range: 9 kHz to 13.6 GHz
Portable network analyzers with optional spectrum analyzer in one unit

Base Unit
Hardware options
  • R&S®FSL-B4 Order No. 1300.6008.02
    OCXO reference frequency

  • R&S®FSL-B10 Order No. 1300.6208.02
    GPIB interface

  • R&S®FSL-B30 Order No. 1300.6308.02
    DC Power Supply, 12 V to 28 V

  • R&S®FSL-B31 Order No. 1300.6408.02
    NiMH Battery Pack

    requires R&S®FSL-B30

Hardware Options requiring R&S®ZVL-K1
  • R&S®FSL-B5 Order No. 1300.6108.02
    Additional interfaces

    video out, IF out, noise source control, AUX port, connector for the R&S®NRP power sensors

  • R&S®FSL-B6 Order No. 1300.5901.02R&S®FSL-B6 TV Trigger
  • R&S®FSL-B7 Order No. 1300.5601.02
    Narrow resolution filters

    10 Hz to 300 Hz

  • R&S®FSL-B8 Order No. 1300.5701.02
    Gated Sweep Function

  • R&S®FSL-B22 Order No. 1300.5953.02
    RF Preamplifier

    3 GHz/6 GHz

General Accessories
Software options
  • R&S®ZVL-K1 Order No. 1306.0301.02
    Spectrum Analysis for R&S®ZVL

    (enabled by key code)

  • R&S®ZVL-K2 Order No. 1306.0101.02
    Distance-to-Fault Measurement

    (enabled by key code)

  • R&S®ZVL-K3 Order No. 1306.0201.02
    Time Domain Analysis for R&S®ZVL

Software Options requiring R&S®ZVL-K1
Analysis Software
Recommended Extras
  • R&S®ZZA-S334 Order No. 1109.4487.00R&S®ZZA-S334 19" rackmount adapter
    19" rackmount adapter

    For mounting a 3/4 19" housing 3 RU high in a standard 19" rack

  • R&S®FSL-Z3 Order No. 1300.5401.00R&S®FSL-Z3 Soft carrying bag
    Soft carrying bag

  • R&S®FSL-Z4 Order No. 1300.5430.02
    Additional Charger Unit

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