Meter & Counter

Accurate and reliable voltage, current, power, frequency, impedance and temperature measurements.

Get accurate and reliable voltage, current, power, frequency, impedance and temperature measurements with Rohde & Schwarz meters and counters.

Digital Multimeters
  • HMC8012 Digital Multimeter

    Compact, accurate, easy-to-use

    • Resolution: 1μV, 100 nA, 1mΩ, 1pF, 1Hz, 0,1 °C
    • Up to 200 measurements per second
    • DC Basic Accuracy 0.015%
    • USB-TMC and Ethernet interfaces. GPIB (IEEE 488) optional
  • HM8012 Multimeter Module

    Programmable multimeter module

    • 4¾ digit display with 50,000 counts
    • PC software for control and data logging via RS-232 interface
    • Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
LCR Meters
  • HM8118 LCR Bridge/Meter

    High accuracy and easy-to-use interface

    • Test frequencies from 20 Hz to 200kHz (69 steps)
    • Internal and external DC BIAS
    • Automatic component identification (L, C, R)
  • HM8018 LCR-Meter Module

    LCR-Meter module

    • Measurement functions: L, C, R, Θ, Q, D, |Z|
    • Bias voltage for electrolyt capacitors
    • Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
Frequency Counters
  • HM8123 Universal Counter

    10-digit resolution for precise measurement results

    • High sensitivity and frequency range up to 3 GHz
    • Nine measurement functions, external gate and arming
Power Analyzers
  • R&S®HMC8015 Power Analyzer

    All in one: the new compact class that has it all

    • Power measurement range: 50 μW to 12 kW
    • Sampling rate: 500 ksample/s
    • Basic accuracy: 0.05 %
    • USB-TMC and Ethernet interfaces, GPIB (IEEE 488) optional
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