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  • Service & Maintenance - Secure Communications

    Service & MaintenanceRohde & Schwarz service and maintenance equipment allows functional andprovide the most qualified, responsive and thorough service available.Service & MaintenanceR&S®UCS226x

  • HAMEG_Value_Service_registration

    HAMEG_Value_Service_registration Brochures and Data Sheets Service Brochure HAMEG Value Service 1General The HAMEG Value Service is an extra service provided free of charge by HAMEG Instruments GmbHprovisions set out below. This HAMEG Value Service shall not affect or restrict any existing

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  • Service & support

    Service & supportService that adds value VideoteaserService that adds value (Brochure)OnlineService ManagementOur user-friendly R&S®Online Service Management helps you save time by managing yourfunctions.More Information Service Order TrackingYou need details about the state of your service at Rohde

  • Satellite Monitoring - Radiomonitoring

    strategic stationary systems for simultaneous interception of signals and services from multiplecommunications as well as the processing of satellite signals and services for intelligence purposes.efficient and effective analysis of carriers, services, content and metadata.The Rohde & Schwarz satellite

  • Headend

    ASI input for local services TS remultiplexing and BTS output generation

  • TV transmitters

    service quality. Rohde & Schwarz TV transmitters feature outstanding efficiency, a compact design and

  • Signal & Spectrum Analyzer - Test & Measurement

    production, installation and servicing of RF systems.For production and monitoring systems, we also offerModulation AnalyzersR&S®EVSG1000 VHF/UHF Airnav/Com AnalyzerEfficient servicing of air navigation andand servicing pulsed terrestrial navigation systems Ideal for wired and field measurements on TACAN

  • Manufacturing and Service

    Manufacturing and ServiceThe industry-leading, innovative products and solutions from Rohdeproduction testing.More InformationRepair and service of wireless devicesWorkflows that includestate-of-the-art repair and service testing enable service centers to provide their customers with

  • GLORIS | Self-Service Portal

    GLORIS | Self-Service Portal GLORIS – the Rohde & Schwarz self-service portal for customers andpartners GLORIS – the Rohde & Schwarz self-service portal GLORIS is a Rohde & Schwarz self-serviceRegister now Service and support Contact us Create service request

  • R&S®KA890C1 Service Kit

    R&S®KA890C1 Service KitOverview Key FactsThis service kit is packed in a small hard-foam-lined case. Key FactsThis service kit is packed in a small hard-foam-lined case, with the following contents:

Results 1 - 10 of 3959
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