Military-Grade Data Communications Solutions

To conduct its network-centric operations, a modern navy requires applications that ensure the secure exchange of information. Rohde & Schwarz offers tailored solutions to meet the wide range of demands facing modern naval forces.

  • R&S®Postman III Radiocommunications system

    The main applications that R&S®Postman III provides are e-mail, chat, file transfer and Blue Force Tracking. Since they have been designed for communications via IP, the R&S®Postman III radio protocols have been optimized for modern IP-enabled radios in HF and VHF/UHF radio networks. Nevertheless, this product also supports traditional radios that use a serial data interface.

  • R&S®MMHS STANAG 4406-Based Military Message Handling System

    R&S®MMHS is a military message handling system in line with STANAG 4406. It is an all-in-one solution for communications using wireline LAN/WAN infrastructure as well as radio networks. Especially through implementation of STANAG 4406 Annex E, it provides significant improvements for exchanging data in radiocommunications scenarios.

  • R&S®STANAG 5066 HF Radio Data Communication System

    R&S®STANAG 5066 is a communications solution for the robust and highly secure exchange of data using HF radio networks and provides interoperable communication within joint and allied forces. It supports data exchange via e-mail, chat, fax and IP-based applications. It can enhance ACP 127 Systems with automatic error correction mechanisms.

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