Mobile Tactical Monitoring and DF Systems for the Danish Army

In November 2006, the Danish Army and the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) awarded Rohde&Schwarz a contract to deliver four mobile tactical monitoring and DF systems.

The tactical monitoring and DF systems – also referred to as light electronic warfare (LEW) systems – are installed in vehicles. To reliably connect these vehicles with each other and with headquarters also when they are on the move, R&S®M3TR software defined radios were chosen as data link equipment. The configuration includes R&S®MR3000U VHF/UHF radios, an R&S®VT3050C compact 50 W power amplifier, e-mail and chat applications on a ruggedized, shockproof PC and an IP link to the monitoring system (FIG 1). The R&S®M3TR can also be used for standard voice operation. The radios are equipped with the R&S®SECOM-V EPM (ECCM) waveform, which ensures reliable data transmission even under severe conditions.

Besides the monitoring and DF antennas, the vehicles are equipped with the R&S®HK055L1 broadband mobile antenna to provide voice and data capability in the 30 MHz to 512 MHz frequency range in the described configuration.

The entire system has a very modular design. The subsystems are housed in individual racks and can be moved to other vehicles or even used in fixed installations.

Altogether three of these systems were delivered, followed by six manpacks in 2008 – on time and in accordance with specifications, of course.

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