Endpoint security

Endpoint security: optimal protection for all end devices

How to secure your endpoints with endpoint security solutions

Endpoint security protects the various devices on a network from a variety of threats. Technical and organizational measures prevent unauthorized access or the execution of malicious software. Learn more about the relevance of endpoint security systems in a digitalized world and which innovative protective measures we offer.

What does endpoint security mean?

Endpoint security describes how to secure endpoints or end user devices. It is crucial to apply because endpoints serve as access points to a corporate network and are potential targets for hackers. Besides protecting endpoints from attacks, it also helps to meet important data protection and compliance requirements. Organizational measures belong to the field of endpoint security management. These include guidelines on how to handle end devices and external data carriers, awareness measures and training.

You should protect important end devices, including PCs, Notebooks, Smartphones and Tablets.

New protection concepts in endpoint security

Today, different manufacturers offer a variety of solutions and products for endpoint security. Reactive protection such as antivirus software has proven to be largely ineffective. Only proactive solutions offer protection against the ever-increasing professional cybercrime-scene.

We present new concepts that offer comprehensive protection for end devices:

  • Virtualized surfing environments
    Using the internet has become an integral part of our private and professional everyday life. However, the browser serves cyber criminals as a gateway for malware. Virtualized browsers offer comprehensive protection. This modern endpoint security solution closes security gaps by means of a "digital" quarantine: malware is isolated before it executes.
  • More enterprise security through secure access to company resources
    Working in public WLAN networks, such as in hotels or airports, offers an increased potential for attacks. A virtual Private Network (VPN) enables a secure and encrypted connection over insecure networks such as the Internet. This allows your employees to access all company resources securely and from any location.
  • Comprehensive endpoint security suites
    An endpoint security suite consists of several components that protect your end devices. It enables a secure connection to the corporate network and guarantees the protection of sensitive data. Even in case of theft or loss. Instead of using several individual solutions, an overall solution minimizes the administrative effort considerably. That results in reduced costs as well.

Endpoint security: Today more important than ever

In recent years, attackers have made significant changes in the way they operate. Ransomware is used to extort high ransom money. Highly sophisticated spear fishing attempts via email can quickly mislead even experienced users. Additionally, there are always new security flaws in browsers or plug-ins such as Flash Player or Java.

At the same time, the number of end devices that communicate in a corporate network increased significantly. This is also due to the fact of trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as well as the increased number of employees who work from home. They access central resources of organization’s devices via the internet. This leads to new cybersecurity threats: mobile end devices are in the focus of attackers in order to penetrate corporate networks and gain access to sensitive data. Endpoint security is therefore indispensable in today's digitalized working environment in order to protect end devices comprehensively.

All-round endpoint security with Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity

We offer innovative, proactive solutions to protect your endpoint devices such as laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Our wide range of solutions cover important aspects of a modern IT landscape: from secure browsing, secure mobile devices and voice encryption to VPN solutions and comprehensive security suites. An easy-to-administer, standardized and centralized management system for your devices and security policies ensures seamless integration into existing network infrastructures and directory services.

  • Endpoint security solutions developed according to our Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) guidelines with classified information level “RESTRICTED UE/EU RESTRICTED”
  • Centralized, agile management solutions to configure security policies
  • Proactive protection: it doesn’t rely only on employee’s awareness

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Our endpoint security solutions

Security suite

Endpoint security via browser, VPN client and disk encryption.

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Browser security

Prevents malware from entering your PC and your infrastructure. The solution takes an innovative approach and fully separates the browser from a computer‘s operating system. The complete isolation at computer level keeps malware away from the user‘s device and the corporate’s network.

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Full-disk encryption

Protects your data with full-disk encryption. The comprehensive and secure method to protect your data on endpoints.

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Remote secure access

Protects network communication of a laptops and tablets to the internal network of the agency or companies across an untrusted network. It enables the user to work on airports, from home or other public spaces.

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Browsers as entry points for cyberattacks. A proactive approach to sustainable security implementation.

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Get to know in this study how the Police of Lower Saxony was one of the first ones to introduce a mobile and at the same time secure data communication solution for patrol officers.

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Why do I need endpoint security?

Endpoint security protects your devices from real-world threats that can harm your data, information and networks. An endpoint security solution protects you from the threat that cripples operational capability, productivity and corporate compliance. Cloud services, hybrid infrastructures, home office and remote work make the use of endpoint security solution even more important. To protect your endpoints on the network from various malware threats, we have developed proactive endpoint security solutions. These combine various features, location flexibility and security. A highly secure browser, software VPN client, and disk encryption provide the all-around endpoint security package that should be an integral part of your cybersecurity strategy.

Does Endpoint Protection protect online and offline?

Our Endpoint Protection protects your devices online and offline. The best way to do this is to use hard disk encryption: this ensures secure data traffic, secure Internet usage and keeps an eye on interface control (data leakage via USB). Our total endpoint protection solution protects your endpoints "always on", in case of theft and in case of loss. The idea behind "always on" is that VPN cannot be deactivated accidentally because it is always – “on”. This is especially important when working on the move at hotspots, which could represent a security vulnerability. Once an endpoint is online, communication is encrypted. In the event of theft or loss, disk encryption prevents access to your sensitive corporate data, providing offline endpoint protection.

How do endpoint security solutions reduce risk?

When it comes to endpoint security solutions, go for a mix that secures endpoints, provides a protected connection to the corporate or government network, and secures sensitive data in the event of loss or theft. With a consolidated end-to-end solution, you minimize cybersecurity risk and enjoy all-around protection - at home and on the road.

How do endpoint security solutions streamline processes?

Our solution gives you optimal workflows and improved efficiency thanks to finely tuned components. Security mechanisms run in the background, so users can maintain their workflows and be productive as usual. You also benefit financially, because an end-to-end security solution means less administrative work and thus offers you cost savings.

Your monthly cybersecurity update

Your monthly cybersecurity update

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