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R&S EFA Tx Check Version 1.2

Released on 18.04.2006
Software for every digital R&S EFA
R&S EFA TxCheck was developed to analyze the quality of digital TV transmitters and modulators during terrestrial and cable transmission. The program was written for the TV Test Receiver R&S EFA and supports models 20/23, 40/43, 50/53, 60/63, and 70/73, as well as options R&S EFA-B10 (DVB-T) and R&S EFA-B20 (ATSC/8VSB and DVB-C/QAM or J.83/A/B/C), covering all digital models of the TV Test Receiver R&S EFA.R&S EFA TxCheck automatically measures the user-defined measurement parameters and uses these to calculate the quality of the transmitted signal. The measurement values, as well as the results, are displayed in an electronic measurement report.If you prefer just an overview of the measured values without the quality analysis, you can suppress display of the quality settings and results.
The results of a measurement can be stored for later reuse in a proprietary file format *.TXC. Settings you make can also be saved in files for later reuse.The test receiver can be operated via the RS-232-C interface as well as via the IEC/IEEE bus (IEC625, IEEE488).
Please copy EFA_TxCheck_1.2_setup.exe into a directory, e. g. "C:\temp". Change to this directory and start the installation with EFA_TxCheck_1.2_setup.exe

3 MB V 1.2 18.04.2006
Measurement Software EFA-Scan R&S EFA-K1 - Error 1706

Some hints for user of Microsoft Office 2000 used with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or Microsoft Windows 2000

9 kB 03.12.2003
Measurement Software EFA-Scan R&S EFA-K1 - Demo Software, Revision 2.01

To install EFA Scan 2.01 please run SETUP.EXE, and follow the on-screen instructions. This software cannot coexist with previous versions of the software, so the setup will first check for, and remove, any existing installations.
See also the section entitled FIRMWARE UPGRADE below.
The setup includes an Operating Manual for the software in electronic format. It can be read by Acrobat Reader version 3 or later.
This software is designed to work with an EFA running firmware version 5.00 or later.
To find out which firmware version is installed in your EFA, look at the selftest screen displayed immediately after switch-on.
If you need to upgrade, please contact your Rohde & Schwarz representative.

6 MB V 2.01 03.12.2003
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