FAQs from Rohde & Schwarz

Connect Generator via LAN


Connecting the ZVA/ZVB with an external generator via the LAN interface to perform e.g. mixer measurements.


It is mandatory to install at least a VISA driver runtime unit. The example below uses the ZVA24 and the SMF100A.

The setup is similar for other instrument combinations. Please connect a mouse and a keyboard to the ZVA.

Important: It is very important to select "Custom" during VISA library installation. Check that VISA installation is

really enabled because the VISA driver is not installed by default.

Connect the LAN1 connector of the ZVA with the LAN connector of the SMF100A. Please use a

crossover LAN cable.

Set up WINDOWS on the ZVA:

Press the WINDOWS menu key



Network connections ....

Ethernet 1 (point the mouse on it)

Right mouse key


Internet protocol (TCP/IP)


Set IP address:

Set subnet mask:

Confirm by pressing OK

Set up the SMF100A (set up IP address):

Setup key

Network settings (NOT Ethernet)

Topic: IP address

Mode: peer to peer

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Click "Accept" (this is very important) !!

Check the Ethernet settings

VISA resource string


*IDN? identification must be set to "SMF" !!

Check the connection from the ZVA now (from the WINDOWS DOS mode) by


Set up the mixer in the ZVA:




Scalar mixer measurement

Define scalar mixer measurement

Config ext. generator

Add or modify

The following settings are mandatory:

Name: optional

Fast sweep: no checkmark

Interface: other

Recourse string: TCPIP::

Click "Identify Type", and "SMF100A" will appear.