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More than 60 years of experience in the field of vector network analysis pay off: Rohde & Schwarz once again sets new benchmarks -- with the R&S®ZNB. This instrument is an outstanding combination of high measurement speed, superior RF performance and exceptional ease of operation. The latter is achieved by a 12.1" touchscreen, which is the biggest screen available in a network analyzer for the time being, and powerful soft tools. Test results are thus obtained in just three operating steps. Further highlights: The R&S®ZNB is the only instrument in its class to offer a second internal source for amplifier and mixer measurements (4-port model). Measuring high-blocking DUTs poses no problem due to the R&S®ZNB's high dynamic range of typically more than 140 dB at 10 Hz IF BW and even more than 150 dB at 1 Hz IF BW. A power sweep range of more than 100 dB is unique, allowing for measuring the small and large signal characteristics of many amplifiers without changing the test setup. An R&S®ZNB only rarely needs calibration which is then accomplished very quickly, either manually (guided by a wizard) or automatically with the aid of a calibration unit. Due to the unrivaled range of calibration methods offered, the user can choose the optimal method for the measurement task at hand. Convincing specs are a must but the R&S®ZNB also wins on "soft facts". Its small depth leaves plenty of space on the work bench for measurement applications - which the user can fully concentrate on as the R&S®ZNB's operating noise is very low. The R&S®ZNB reflects our concept of modern network analysis. Just put it to the test.

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R&S®ZNB40 offers wide frequency range from 100 kHz to 40 GHz with four ports and 2nd signal generator

Rohde & Schwarz is the first to introduce a 40 GHz midrange vector network analyzer with four ports and a second internal signal source for mixer measurements. Its wide frequency range from 100 kHz to 40 GHz makes the R&S ZNB40 the ideal choice for 5G component characterization, signal integrity measurements and A&D applications. The 2- and 4-port R&S ZNB40 with their 100 kHz start frequency feature excellent RF raw performance and fundamental mixing up to 40 GHz that results in a very low trace noise.

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Simplified eye diagram analysis with option R&S®ZNB-K20

The R&S®ZNB and R&S®ZNBT vector network analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz now support eye diagrams. Eye diagrams are used to determine the quality of a signal transmitting device. The video introduces the R&S®ZNB-K20 option which is fully integrated in the network analyzer firmware to allow easy access and operation. Simultaneous display of frequency domain, time domain and eye diagram analysis makes this solution ideal, for example, for compliance testing of digital interconnect technologies such as USB-C, Ethernet and PCIe.

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How to set up eye diagram measurements with option R&S®ZNB-K20

The R&S®ZNB-K20 option enables to display eye diagrams on the R&S®ZNB and R&S®ZNBT vector network analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz. The video shows how to set up eye diagram measurements, how to perform mask tests with real life effects such as jitter and noise, and how to apply emphasis and equalization to improve the eye opening. The multiview display to analyze time domain, frequency domain and eye diagram in parallel and measurement data export for further analysis on an external computer are also addressed.

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Signal integrity of differential structures measured in the time domain

This video demonstrates how to efficiently and accurately measure signal integrity on differential transmission structures or balanced lines with the four-port R&S ZNB vector network analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz. The R&S®ZNB in combination with the R&S®ZN-Z84 switch matrix enables straight-forward differential measurements in the time domain on multiple differential structures including rise time, differential impedance, intra-pair skew time and inter-pair skew time.

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Simplified multiport measurements up to 48 ports using R&S®ZN-Z84 switch matrix

The R&S®ZNB vector network analyzer in combination with the R&S®ZN-Z84 switch matrix enables accurate and simple multiport measurements up to 48 ports. This video demonstrates how simple it is to setup and calibrate the switch matrix directly via the R&S®ZNB user interface. Multiport calibration units remarkably ease the calibration process. All applicable S-parameters for up to 48 ports can be displayed on the R&S®ZNB user interface for detailed analysis.

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