Basic Oscilloscope Fundamental Days

Rohde & Schwarz webinars

22-Sep-2020 - 23-Sep-2020

Global / Webinar


Language: English

Trainer: Joel Hales (Rohde & Schwarz UK)
Pasi Suhonen (Rohde & Schwarz Finland)

Partner: Premier Farnell Ltd
Cooperation: Würth Elektronik

Oscilloscope Webinar

Basic Oscilloscope Fundamental Days

Two-day live virtual event

Oscilloscopes are widely recognized as the main tool every electronics engineer needs on their desk and are used across a wide variety of industries and applications. With the demands from modern electronics requiring ever-increasing measurement tasks across various domains, solid probing knowhow and the need for rapid prototyping with debugging techniques has seen a revolution in digital Oscilloscopes. The resulting increase in usability and functionality has seen these instruments become considerably more versatile through their ability to accurately trigger and measure waveforms.
For engineers new to using Oscilloscopes the challenge can often be where to start their learning journey and how to get the most from these versatile tools.

Rohde & Schwarz understands this challenge and can help you on this journey through our online 2-day educational testing event on the fundamentals of the modern Oscilloscope. Increase your knowledge in the many useful measurement options available including multi-functional measurement techniques and features.
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Day I, Tuesday, 22.09.2020

10:00 - 11:30 Oscilloscope fundamentals

  • Operation principle and construction of an digital storage oscilloscope
  • What are important parameters for oscilloscope selection?
  • Signal Improvement and Decimation techniques
  • How much bandwidth is needed in the measurement setup?
  • What happens in different operation modes like HiRes, Averaging, Peak Detect and HD-Mode

13:00 - 13:15 Partner talk with Premier Farnell Ltd. - added value

13:15 - 14:30 Probing for low and high voltage applications

  • What kind of probes do exist?
  • How does the probe influence the measured signal?
  • Which impedance profiles exist and why are these important to know?
  • Construction of high voltage differential probes and what do the datasheet parameters mean for the daily work?

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Day II, Wednesday, 23.09.2020

10:00 - 11:30 How are Signal, Power Integrity and EMI related to each other?

  • How to characterize the AC on DC power rails properly?
  • Why do modern digital designs have that high demands on power rail quality?
  • What is an eye diagram and why is Jitter that important?
  • Which influence do filters and interconnects have on SI, PI and EMI?
  • Presented by Rohde & Schwarz and Würth Elektronik

13:00 - 14:30 EMC analysis using oscilloscopes

  • What is EMC?
  • How can EMC Analysis be done using oscilloscopes?
  • How to perform cable bound validation measurements using a DC-LISN?
  • Presented by Rohde & Schwarz and Würth Elektronik

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