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  • Software License Key Support

    Customers with new purchases from certain Rohde & Schwarz instruments require the details of license keys to activate software options delivered with the product. Although the license key details are delivered in an envelope with the product, for customers who cannot find a license key, online support is now available. To apply for the missing license details, please use the license key support form

  • Express Repair - Services

    We always try to reduce your downtime due to calibration or repair to a minimum. But sometimes especially fast service is vital for certain instruments. Contact your service representative to find out if Express Service is available for that instrument at that time and location. The small extra fee only has to be paid if we meet the approved timeline.Service & Sales Team

  • Calibration Packages - Services

    We want to help you control your costs And that’s why we freeze them for years.The Service Contracts offer cost control while giving you full service after the warranty period. If there is a problem, you are insured against extra service costs. For a fraction of the purchase price you can rest easy for years with the security afforded by manufacturer service.Service Contracts FlyerTo make sure you

  • Customer support - Services

    Whatever problem you have, our support center is there to help you. Your question will be dealt with fast and in detail. There are four support centers in different time zones: Munich, Washington, Latin America and Singapore. Support is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday excluding public holidays. The staff of our support center is optimally trained to assist you in solving your problems

  • GLORIS | Self-Service Portal

    GLORIS | Self-Service Portal GLORIS – the Rohde & Schwarz self-service portal for customers and partners GLORIS – the Rohde & Schwarz self-service portal GLORIS is a Rohde & Schwarz self-service portal that facilitates your everyday operations. We strive to meet our customers' and partners' needs in a fast and efficient way by providing online features such as issuing support inquiries and service

  • Service & support

    Service that adds value VideoteaserService that adds value (Brochure)Our user-friendly R&S®Online Service Management helps you save time by managing your instruments and service cases. It goes along with benefits from numerous service management functions.More Information You need details about the state of your service at Rohde & Schwarz? Use the Service Order Tracking tool to have full transparency.More

  • Customized solution required - Services

    Our experts will work on a tailor-made solution to meet your needs. You can mix and match our services according to your technical and budgetary requirements.Just contact the Service & Support Team.

  • Service Order Tracking - Services

  • Service & Sales Locator - Services

  • Virus-Wannacry

    The Wannacry - also known as Wannacrypt, Wcrypt, WCRY or Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 - ransomware can attack the vulnerability of the Microsoft Windows operating system also used in Rohde & Schwarz instruments.If your Rohde & Schwarz instrument is already infected with the malware - please contact the We will help to restore your instrument. For your convenience we have already

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