Turning vessels into networks

Enhanced connectivity: Reliability through robustness and redundancy

NAVICS®: No single point of failure

Naval forces need to stay in continuous operation and cannot afford to be without connectivity. NAVICS® assures a no single point of failure (SPOF) network with maximum performance, including emergency modes to save lives in worst case scenarios.

It offers build in redundancy to guard against failure, outage or disaster, a holistic approach that hardens all safety-critical parts of the system against errors, while effectively eliminating the vulnerability caused by SPOFs. Critical software is run on two servers with one on stand-by 24/7.

Reliability through robustness and redundancy

Latest NAVICS® video

Reliability through robustness and redundancy

Discover the world of NAVICS® from Rohde & Schwarz in this video

Our latest video features more about how NAVICS® from Rohde & Schwarz offers build in redundancy to guard against failure, outage or disaster.

Upcoming NAVICS® webinar

Upcoming NAVICS® webinar

Save the date for our upcoming NAVICS® webinar in December

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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Full connectivity in harsh environment

Full connectivity in harsh environment

Proven in more that 30 navies

NAVICS® enables long-lasting missions and ensures full connectivity in harsh environment. Ensuring full connectivity during missions at sea requires designers to think more about components, placement and the impact of environmental conditions early in design. Rohde & Schwarz is specialized in the design and manufacture of the essential components that make these types of robust networks possible. Case in point: NAVICS®, operationally proven in more that 30 navies.

Exeptional reliability

NAVICS® - Exeptional reliability

High redundancy

The communications system is vital to the health and functioning of a naval vessel and is mission critical for the operation of the fleet. A variety of measures are necessary to ensure continuing operation of the communications system.

Redundancy through dual homing
Voice terminals, media gateways, workstations and servers can be equipped with two network cards. These can also be assigned to two physically separated Ethernet switches. As a result, communications remain fully available to users if a network card fails, an Ethernet cable is damaged or an Ethernet switch fails.

Redundancy through virtualization
In normal operation, all real-time services and applications offered by NAVICS® run redundantly in virtual machines. As a result, when a server defect occurs, the affected services are very easily and automatically moved to the remaining server, with minimal downtime. Non-real-time services are restarted automatically on the remaining server.

Emergency operation
Even in the event of a complete server failure, the last valid configuration is retained for the voice terminals and their communications lines. Peer-to-peer communications between individual users and restricted conference features remain available in this emergency operation mode.

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Discover the world of NAVICS® from Rohde & Schwarz in these videos

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NAVICS® – From one source

A complete system with an entire value-added chain from one source

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