Broadcast & Media

Broadcasting & Media

Television and radio audiences in more than 80 countries enjoy programs broadcast using transmitters from Rohde & Schwarz. Our transmitters as well as our T&M and studio equipment are advancing the progress of digital broadcasting and the processing of high-resolution video formats around the globe.

Broadcast, T&M and post production equipment for broadcasters, industry and studios

Audiovisual media paint the picture of our time. What started out as broadcasting more than 100 years ago is now a rapidly growing multimedia universe. Analog transmitter networks have been largely replaced by digital terrestrial audio and video broadcasting. Rohde & Schwarz enabled and supported this development as a market leader right from the start with pilot projects and reference solutions. Today, the entire transmission chain from production and studio to the transmitter and consumer is digital. In addition to terrestrial transmitters, satellites and cable TV networks, Internet TV and radio are becoming ever more widespread vehicles for program distribution. Like the entire entertainment industry, the broadcast market is undergoing continuous evolution. Rohde & Schwarz supports the broadcast and media industry with groundbreaking solutions for coping with these changes. We already offer a complete portfolio for setting up a UHDTV (4K) workflow from the studio to the transmitter as well as the first products for even higher resolutions (8K).

Consumer electronics such as high-resolution cameras, TV and associated broadband A/V interfaces are often the technological drivers of the media industry. Special T&M equipment is required to develop and manufacture these products efficiently and in line with specifications while ensuring high quality – and this is what Rohde & Schwarz provides. Our products are designed as highly integrated modular platforms and perfectly tailored to the requirements of our customers as variable and future-ready solutions.

Test and measurement equipment is also required to install, maintain and monitor broadcast networks and to develop and manufacture infrastructure components. Rohde & Schwarz offers network operators more than a complete range of terrestrial transmitters for all power classes and standards. We also have the T&M and monitoring equipment required for broadcasting operations.

Before a video can be distributed, it must be formatted for all intended output channels, e.g. broadcasting, cinema, Blu ray or DVD. This is a job for Rohde & Schwarz post production equipment. Our video workstations are the de facto standard in Hollywood and other film capitals. They form entire workflow environments for post production studios when coupled with our high performance video server and storage solutions. Headends provide the appropriate realtime encoding for each connected transmission network (terrestrial, cable, satellite or IPTV).

Broadcasting and Multimedia T&M

Fully test the wide variety of broadcast and video technologies with flexible multistandard T&M equipment for use in R&D, production and service.


TV Transmitter

Improve the efficiency and flexibility of your TV broadcasting network with space-saving, innovative analog and digital transmitters.


Sound Transmitter

Improve the efficiency of your audio broadcasting network with space-saving transmitter systems with the highest power density per rack.



Stay on air 24/7 and minimize complexity with all-in-one, all-IP headend solution based on special CrossFlowIP technology developed by Rohde & Schwarz.


Network Management System

Easily monitor and control all network elements with open, scalable, user-configurable network management software.


DVS Video Solution

Efficiently produce state-of-the-art videos, films, TV programs and more with state-of-the art turnkey video and storage solutions that fit into your workflow.


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