Radiomonitoring and Radiolocation

The radiofrequency spectrum is a limited resource. For optimal use, it is monitored by government regulatory authorities and managed in accordance with ITU rules. Rohde & Schwarz provides the necessary radiomonitoring and radiolocation equipment. The armed forces require powerful radiomonitoring solutions to ensure situational awareness. Rohde & Schwarz technology helps them achieve information superiority.

Radiomonitoring equipment for regulatory authorities, homeland and external security and network operators

The need for mobile, wireless communications is constantly on the rise, but the usable frequency spectrum for radiocommunications and broadcasting is limited. As a result, it can be expensive when the market determines the price, e.g. in spectrum auctions. That is why it is important that regulatory authorities ensure proper technical and legal use of the spectrum. Network operators also have a vital interest in an error free performance optimized infrastructure and require technical means to ensure this service. Rohde & Schwarz provides the necessary equipment.

The company's receivers, direction finders, signal analyzers, antennas and customized systems have made Rohde & Schwarz a reliable partner for its customers for decades. Applications include sovereign spectrum management by regulatory authorities and technical monitoring of radio networks by their operators, securing critical infrastructures such as power plants, as well as radiomonitoring to ensure homeland and external security and satellite monitoring to provide authorized government agencies insight into satellite based voice and data communications.

In 2011, Rohde & Schwarz integrated ipoque GmbH, a company specializing in Internet traffic analysis and network monitoring, into the group of companies to enter a new market segment. ipoque is a leading manufacturer of software solutions for IP data stream analysis.

Signal Intelligence

Solve complex tasks with all-in-one signal intelligence solutions for searching for, detecting, analyzing and jamming all types of communications signals.


Satellite Monitoring

Analyze and identify unknown satellite-based voice and data communications, and process standardized satellite signals for intelligence purposes.


Spectrum Monitoring

Recognize breaches of international radio traffic regulations through effective radiomonitoring and radiolocation.



Efficiently and effectively monitor the spectrum with versatile HF or VHF/UHF digital wideband receivers (stationary or mobile use).


Direction Finders

Quickly detect any signal from 300 kHz to 6 GHz with Rohde & Schwarz direction finders for land-based, airborne, or shipboard use.


Signal Analysis

Reliably detect, classify and process radiocommunications signals with powerful signal analysis and signal processing software.



Accurately transmit and receive with highly sensitive active and passive antennas for mobile and stationary use in the frequency range from 100 Hz to 40 GHz.


System Devices

Optimize your monitoring system with accessories such as switch unit, antenna control unit, GPS receiver and antenna signal distribution unit.


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