Rohde & Schwarz offers IP-based, ATC voice communications systems to ensure highest passenger safety.

ATC voice communication systems from Rohde & Schwarz

Virtual center technology in a trusted cloud

Rohde & Schwarz is the leading manufacturer of voice communications systems (VCS) and offers virtual center technology for air traffic control. This makes geographically distributed and redundant air traffic control in the trusted cloud a reality.

This innovative concept of a virtual air traffic control center is an exclusive Rohde & Schwarz development, one that reaffirms the company’s technological leadership role. This technology makes it possible for the first time to operate a group of voice communications systems with maximum flexibility for considerably greater failsafety.

At several locations, including across national borders, radiocommunications and telecommunications resources are shared as if they were in a single, virtual air traffic control center. The system can be operated in two different modes: either independently of each other in standalone mode or interlinked in joint operation mode. In joint operation mode, the users in the different control centers are able to access all resources and functionalities in the trusted ATC cloud.

If one of the control centers fails, operation can continue without problem despite the geographical separation. The resources are redistributed dynamically. Unaffected control centers can quickly and transparently take over the tasks of the failed control center.

This dynamic distribution between individual controls centers is a decisive advantage for the operator, even in regular operation. The flexible distribution of work loads between the air traffic controllers yields significant cost savings. The functional airspace blocks (FAB) required within the framework of the Single European Sky Initiative can be integrated across borders with this technology. The ability to use additional data applications is another economic benefit. Weather data, video messages, text messages, etc. can be displayed directly on the air traffic controller's console.

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and the Icelandic civil aviation authority ISAVIA have commenced full virtual operations with the fully ED-137compliant R&S®VCS 4G voice communications system (VCS). This has enabled the IAA and ISAVIA to become the world's first cross border aeronautical communications center.

Existing legacy radios with analog interfaces can also be integrated in the IP based infrastructure. The solutions that the R&S®VCS 4G offers include various gateways with a flexible set of interface cards.

Recently, the reliability of the technology and the oxpertise of Rohde & Schwarz as a system supplier were impressively confirmed by the British NATS. At the NATS Supplier Conference 2017, Rohde & Schwarz received the prestigious "Supplier of the Year Award".

Cybersecurity: It goes without saying that systems from Rohde & Schwarz meet the very highest demands with regard to successful protection against cyberattacks. In air traffic control, modern IP firewalls and intelligent mechanisms for detecting intruders ensure a secure and trusted cloud.

Further applications

  • Voice over IP

    Rohde & Schwarz offers comprehensive VoIP systems for ATC requirements all around the world.

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  • Detection of simultaneous transmissions

    Software defined radios from Rohde & Schwarz are the market leaders in ATC. The most recent innovation is DSiT.

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  • Remote tower

    Remote tower technology allows towers to be controlled remotely from central locations over distances of thousands of kilometers.

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