R&S®Series 5200


Reliable software defined radios for air traffic control

Communication between the pilots and controller requires reliable and secure radios. CERTIUM® RADIOS cover the entire range used in ATC from VHF to UHF and HF with outstanding transmission parameters. The innovative security-by-design architecture sets a new level of security for ANSPs migrating their critical communications infrastructures to reliable and resilient IP networks.

Deep dive into the R&S®Series5200 ATC radio

See for yourself how the R&S®Series5200 radio combines a secure and flexible architecture with excellent RF performance for today’s and tomorrow’s full IP communications in a 10 minute webinar abstract.

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Radio product brochure

Learn more about the new radio that includes a security-by-design architecture and flexible network interfaces, which go beyond existing market standards.

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80 seconds with the CERTIUM® RADIOS by Rohde & Schwarz
80 seconds with the CERTIUM® RADIOS

We’re spending 80 seconds with our CERTIUM® RADIOS, designed to achieve the highest degree of security: Network separation, secure protocols, and more. Francesco Gualtieri, ATC Radio Communications Product Manager, gives us an overview about the ATC radio family.

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NAV CANADA chooses Rohde & Schwarz HF systems for long range communications.

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CERTIUM® Radio products

NEW: R&S®Series 5200

The very compact R&S®Series5200 radio combines a secure and flexible architecture with excellent RF performance for today’s and tomorrow’s full IP communications solutions. Different models supporting VHF or UHF aeronautical bands enable communications with all types of aircraft in controlled airspace.

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R&S®Series 4200

The R&S®Series4200 represents the actual generation of stationary radios for air traffic control. It is available in six versions. Rohde & Schwarz offers transceivers, transmitters and compact receivers for the VHF frequency range (112 MHz to 156 MHz) and the UHF frequency range (225 MHz to 400 MHz).

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R&S®Series 4100

The R&S®M3SR Series4100 HF radios are innovative, versatile software defined radios (SDR) that belong to the popular R&S®M3SR radio family. Shortwave communications are a resource that can be set up easily, offer extreme reliability and are highly valued by security authorities and organizations as well as military users all over the world.

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Further CERTIUM® portfolio


The quad-redundant, IP based voice communications system CERTIUM®VCS-4G integrates perfectly with the entire portfolio to ensure safe, secure and efficient operation.

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Increases situational awareness by highlighting the communicating aircraft on the radar screen based on state-of-the art direction finder and geo-referencing technology.

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Ensure regulatory compliance with market-leading test and measurement solutions for VoIP networks, radios, navigation, radar and satellites.

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Seamless integration of legacy applications into IP infrastructure enabling phased migration scenarios.

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Delay-free network encryption, ATC session border controller and high availability network components ensure the reliability and security of ATC networks.

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Easy-to-use centralized management of VCS and radios provides real-time view of system and enables smooth network operation.

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70 service centers worldwide provide customers with support close by, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring smooth operations for many years.

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Supporting today’s and tomorrow’s use cases in air traffic control.

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ATC customers around the world trust our proven products and solutions.

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