The new ATC radio R&S®Series5200

Safety, security and efficiency in ATC communications

The new ATC radio R&S®Series5200

abr. 01, 2020

The very compact R&S®Series5200 radio combines a secure, redundant and flexible architecture with excellent RF performance for today’s and tomorrow’s ATC communications. It follows a strict security-by-design approach.See how this brand new radio of the CERTIUM® ATC communications suite is the first civil radio designed to protect the customer’s infrastructure and to ensure smooth operation with the following key features: Supports various network and deployment scenarios

  • Strict network separation all the way down to the radio core
  • Minimizes deployment and maintenance times
  • Best-in-class RF parameters which our customers rely on

Questions & answers

Category Question Answer
Radio interfaces Do the R&S®Series5200 radios still have analog audio interfaces? Yes, the R&S®Series5200 radios have two analog 4WE&M interfaces that can be operated in parallel with the VoIP connections.
Radio interfaces Can the R&S®Series5200 radios be monitored via the R&S®RCMSII? Yes, in the upcoming releases the R&S®RCMS II will support the R&S®Series5200 radios.
Radio interfaces How many IP addresses can be configured in the R&S®Series5200 radios? Just one or several? The R&S®Series5200 radios have the flexibility to support a single IP address as well as several addresses for deployment in complex installation scenarios
Radio interfaces Can I have multiple VoIP connections plus the remote control connection over the same LAN port or does remote controlling always have to run on a separate LAN port? Does it always have to be LAN port 5? The five LAN interfaces on the rear panel are fully configurable. They can be independently activated and it is possible to define which network has to be addressed and which service (e.g. VoIP, RCM) is allowed to run on it.

It is therefore possible to configure the R&S®Series5200 radios for widely differing application scenarios – from simple operation with a single LAN interface for VoIP and RCM to the maximum configuration for addressing three networks with full separation of the traffic.
Security Do R&S®Series5200 radios support network segregation for improved network security? Yes, the R&S®Series5200 radios implement true network separation of up to three networks down to the software and hardware core.
Features Can the main/standby feature based on the virtual IP address concept be used with any VCS system, even with a VCS not from Rohde & Schwarz? Yes, the main/standby feature is designed to work with every VCS that supports a standard ED137 interface. However, when used in combination with the R&S®CERTIUM VCS, the user benefits from additional features thanks to the close integration between the VCS and the R&S®Series5200 radios.
Features If an NTP server is not available in the system to support automatic oscillator calibration, how it is possible to adjust the radio oscillator? The radio oscillator can be calibrated locally, as usual, by measuring the frequency with a radio tester (e.g. R&S®CMA180) and manually adjusting the oscillator over the web GUI.
VoIP How many ED137 IP recorder connections do the R&S®Series5200 radios support? The R&S®Series5200 radios support up to 4 IP recorder connections
VoIP How many parallel SIP sessions do the R&S®Series5200 radios support? The R&S®Series5200 radios support up to 10 simultaneous SIP sessions.
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