Radio and radar intelligence

Reconnaissance of radar and communications signals

Radar and communications reconnaissance systems from R&S Marinesysteme GmbH deliver data for creating operational pictures by acquiring radar and communications signals.

These systems support tactical decision-making and contribute to the military management process. The acquired information can be also used to identify potential threats, helping to protect the user’s network and platforms.

The systems can be enhanced with the ability to record and analyze radar and communications signals – not only modern LPI communications signals and signals from Ku band and multifunction radars, but also VHF and OTH radar signals. This allows new radar signatures to be added to existing signal libraries, which can help other users create better operational pictures as well as quickly detect and block threats.

The radar and communications reconnaissance systems from R&S Marinesysteme GmbH consist of several mutually compatible subsystems. Integrated antenna arrays receive all signals from the surroundings while supporting ship communications. Rohde & Schwarz broadband receivers and direction finders continuously monitor the entire radar and communications spectrum. Detected and located emissions are analyzed and automatically compared with the reference database. The thus identified signals and sources are used together with location data to visualize operational pictures on a map.

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