R&S®DDF1555 Compact direction finder

R&S®DDF1555 Compact direction finder
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R&S®DDF1555 Compact direction finder
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R&S®DDF1555 Compact direction finder
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R&S®DDF1555 Compact direction finder
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R&S®DDF1555 Compact direction finder
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R&S®DDF1555 Compact direction finder, Front view R&S®DDF1555 Compact direction finder, Front view R&S®DDF1555 Compact direction finder, Side view R&S®DDF1555 Compact direction finder, Back view R&S®DDF1555 Compact direction finder, Front view

Key facts

  • Wide frequency range from 20 MHz to 6 GHz (DF mode)
  • High-precision correlative interferometer DF method
  • Compact and robust for use in outdoor applications
  • Integrated, fast wideband receiver with optional panorama scan
  • Accurate DF antennas with integrated GPS module and electronic compass

Accurate direction finding for outdoor applications

The R&S®DDF1555 compact direction finder combines accurate direction finding with wideband monitoring capabilities in a compact housing suitable for outdoor use. In combination with a Rohde & Schwarz compact DF antenna, the R&S®DDF1555 DF system becomes an optimum solution for applications that require portable and mobile direction finders for use in outdoor environments. A comprehensive range of accessories further enhances the flexibility of the DF system.

Features & benefits

DF and spectrum monitoring

  • Quick channel scan for automatic signal search
  • Detailed IF spectrum display at high bandwidths
  • Fast spectrum monitoring
  • Demodulation of wideband signals

High-precision DF method

  • Correlative interferometer DF method

Support of various applications

  • Mobile direction finding
  • On-the-March DF station
  • Man portable DF station
  • Temporarily deployed DF station

Innovative, compact DF antennas

  • Compact DF antennas
  • Integrated GPS module and electronic compass

Signal analysis and classification

  • Monitoring of complete signal scenarios
  • Automatic detection, classification, demodulation and decoding of multiple signals

Available options

Hardware options

Order number 4500.2010.02


Internal GPS module

Integrated GPS module for improving frequency accuracy and provision of high-accuracy timestamps

Software options

Order number 4500.1920.02


Panorama scan

Fast spectrum/monitoring scan over the entire frequency range


Order number 4500.1820.02


Internal recording

Recording and replay of spectrum traces, measurement results, audio, and I/Q data on the internal memory

Direction finding antennas

Order number 4090.7005.02


Compact VHF/UHF DF antenna

20 MHz to 1.3 GHz; vertical polarization; for installation on a vehicle roof, tripod or carrying harness; integrated GPS


Order number 4096.0002.02


Compact UHF/SHF DF antenna

600 MHz to 6 GHz; vertical polarization; for installation on a vehicle roof, tripod or carrying harness; integrated GPS


Order number 4096.0002.12


Compact passive VHF/UHF DF antenna

600 MHz to 6 GHz; vertical polarization; for installation on a vehicle roof; tripod or carrying harness; integrated GPS; entirely passive from 600 MHz to 2.9 GHz


Order number 4098.2002.07


Collapsible VHF/UHF DF antenna

20 MHz to 690 MHz; vertical polarization; for installation on a tripod or portable mast; integrated GPS


Order number 4090.8801.02


Vehicle adapter with magnet mount

Vehicle roof installation for R&S®ADD107/R&S®ADD207/R&S®ADD207P


Order number 4500.4506.02


Tripod with adapter


Order number 4500.4564.02




Order number 4500.4570.02


Transport Case


Order number 4500.4612.02


Carrying Harness


Order number 4500.4593.02


Carrying Holster

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