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  • Electronic Design - Media Center

    example, for compliance testing of digital interconnect technologies such as USB-C, Ethernet and PCIe.HMP Series - Programmable Power supply HMP2020: 1 × 0 V to 32 V/0 A to 10 A; 1 × 0 V to 32 V/0 A to 5 A (188 W) HMP2030: 3 × 0 V to 32 V/0 A to 5 A (188 W) HMP4030: 3 × 0 V to 32 V/0 A to 10 A (384 W) HMP4040: 4 × 0 V to 32 V/0 A to 10 A (384 W)HMO1002 Digital OscilloscopeHigh sensitivity,

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