Automotive EMC

Automotive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and full-vehicle antenna testing

The entire range of automotive EMC measurements from a single source

Today's vehicles integrate an increasing number of wireless technologies, radar and high-speed data buses. Thus, verifying that unintended electromagnetic interference (EMI) is within specified limits and that cars are immune to disturbances from external electromagnetic sources (EMS) is becoming an ever-growing challenge for the automotive industry. A new field is the infrastructure for e-mobility such as charging stations that need to comply with applicable EMC limits.

As a world market and technology leader with decades of experience in EMC testing, Rohde & Schwarz offers test and measurement equipment and customizable, turnkey test systems for performing EMI and EMS measurements on vehicles and components in line with all major automotive EMC standards, such as IEC, CISPR, ISO, UN/ECE and EC directives as well as with OEM and country-specific test specifications.

To ensure optimal antenna positioning and performance of complete vehicles, Rohde & Schwarz also offers full-vehicle antenna test systems. These systems are able to characterize the complete radiation pattern in 3D across all relevant frequencies. Additional test capabilities for wireless communications functionality, broadcast technologies, real-world modulated interferer signals and radar target simulation can be added to the system if required.

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Test solutions

Full-vehicle antenna testing

Customized full vehicle test (FVAT) systems to ensure correct antenna positioning and optimal radiation patterns and to reduce electromagnetic interference.

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EMC compliance testing

Full compliance with CISPR, IEC and ISO standards assured; reliable certification measurements in minimum test times.

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EMI debugging and analysis

Shorten the design process; detect, analyze, and correct causes of electromagnetic interference (EMI) during development.

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EMI precompliance testing

EMI precompliance testing provides fast and reliable test procedures based on full compliance tests.

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Wireless coexistence testing

Test the correct functioning of wireless technologies in the presence of others; a vital requirement not addressed by EMC standards.

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Application video: Elektra EMC software for automotive measurements

In this webinar, we will give a general introduction to our new EMC software ELEKTRA and highlight some features with are relevant for automotive standards.

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Poster: Design with EMI in mind. Test early. Test often

Solving EMI problems early in the design cycle is more cost-effective than solving them later. This is an iterative process of employing best practices and checking. Of course, it is a trade-off – and needs to be balanced against functionality and scheduling. But solving problems and verifying early helps reduce costs. This poster helps you to design with EMI in mind.

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Poster: Automotive radio frequencies

Managing the coexistence and interference of the various radio frequencies in an (electric) car is a major challenge for research, development and testing.
Get a concise overview of the overlapping radio frequency bands and regulations in today's and tomorrow's cars.

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White paper: Demystify over-the-air (OTA) testing

Future technologies and standards will make over-the-air (OTA) testing mandatory. At the same time, integrated antennas are becoming more common with each development cycle such as for low-cost IoT devices and 5G mmWave devices.

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White paper: Automated ADAS test system trial with radar sensors and electromagnetic interference

This white paper describes a test procedure to replicate real life scenarios where the ADAS radar functions are activated during EMS testing.

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Webinars for automotive EMC and full vehicle antenna testing

Webinar: New developments in CISPR automotive EMI standards for electric vehicles

Join this webinar and learn about the practical approach to EMI testing and much more with industry-leading solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.

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Webinar: Full vehicle OTA antenna testing

In this webinar, Dr Benoit Derat, Senior Director of Engineering at R&S, demystifies the topic of "Full vehicle OTA antenna testing" and explains why this technique is essential to ensure reliable automotive connectivity. You will be able to discover the specific requirements of OTA measurements and see some practical examples of test systems.

Join us in this webinar to learn about full vehicle OTA antenna testing with test systems from Rohde & Schwarz.

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Webinar: OTA testing of automotive communication systems at vehicle level

Webinar: OTA testing of automotive communication systems at vehicle level

In this webinar you will learn more about an over-the-air (OTA) test concept and the associated challenges and corresponding solutions.

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Webinar: Automotive EMI testing overview and updates - CISPR 25 introduction

This webinar provides an overview of CISPR and new developments in CISPR product standards for emission measurements.

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Related information and services

EMC system solutions

Rohde & Schwarz provides turnkey EMC test systems tailored to specific needs in full compliance with current EMC standards.

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Knowledge center

Learning offers, customer support and demonstrations, are all integral part of our offer.

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We support you through all phases of the product life cycle with an extensive and constantly growing portfolio of services.

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