Séminaire : Mobile Network Testing

mars 15 à 15, 2018
France, Vélizy-Villacoublay (78)
22 avenue de l'europe
Hôtel Mercure Paris Vélizy

Vous souhaitez approfondir vos connaissances dans le domaine du test et de la mesure dans des réseaux de radiocommunications mobiles ?

Rohde & Schwarz France vous invite à un séminaire gratuit,
Jeudi 15 mars 2018 à l'Hôtel Mercure Paris Vélizy à Vélizy-Villacoublay (78), de 9h00 à 17h00.

Inscrivez-vous dès à présent. Nombre de places limité.

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Agenda :

Toutes les présentations seront en français.

9:00 - Welcome & Registration

9:30 - How to ensure voice quality in the field? Benchmarking performance of VoLTE vs VoWiFi and WhatsApp OTT, and understand the impact of introduction of EVS codecs.
In this session, you will get insight into the technical background of VoLTE (based on IMS) and comprehensive information of how to measure voice quality in live networks. The session will also covers issues affecting audio quality, such as radio conditions and IP impairments (e.g. jitter or audio delay) with case studies comparing VoLTE quality with legacy voice, VoWiFi and WhatsApp OTT and a results on EVS codecs usage.

10:30 - Coffee break

10:45 - How to make smart decisions with SmartMonitor / SmartBenchmarker tools to ensure the network performance?
Service quality monitoring delivers detailed metrics on network performance in real time, provides immediate visibility of network failures, and can trigger alarms when a critical situation arises. A reliable alarming interface is crucial for drive testing, even more so when network engineers control a large drive test fleet remotely from the office, for example when benchmarking mobile networks with Smart Benchmarker.

11:15 - Understand the data and get huge operational efficiency gain in optimizing networks (SmartReports /SmartAnalytics)
Smart way to evaluate your monitoring and drive test data. Web based solution allows you to share your view and insights with interactive dashboards within anyone in your organization or externals.

12:00 - Lunch Break

13:30 - Understand the impact of new technologies 4x4 MIMO, NB-IoT, 5G in terms of network testing
MIMO technologies are an essential component of state-of-the-art mobile radio systems and are key to achieving extremely ambitious capacity goals. NB-IoT is a standard add-on to LTE, but completely a new coverage challenge. Networks for IoT applications need optimization for highest availability (deep door penetration) and lowest battery consumption. With first 5G network deployments, higher frequency ranges, higher bandwidth, and complexity (for example, beamforming) will give a new coverage challenge as well. Testing its performance in the field will be critical to allow the progression of the technology.

14:15 - PIM testing: How to increase the spectral efficiency of your network?
When it comes to PIM testing, the necessary steps to identify passive intermodulation (PIM) and locate its source are similar to interference hunting. In the end, PIM is an internal source of interference and can have a significant impact on network performance.

15:00 - Coffee Break

15:15 - Interference Hunting: Which tool for successful field service operations?
The need for interference hunting in mobile networks is steadily increasing. For successful field service operations, it is necessary to use the most suitable tool that field engineers are easy to locate the source of interference. With decades of expertise, what we can say for sure is that it depends on that source. This session will let know which tool we would recommend to be successful in the field.

16:00 - Site Report Acceptance Test tools in your hand
Results should be readily available in order to optimize the duration of the acceptance procedure and allow quick improvement actions. This session will give the opportunity to your technicians to report easily the correct operation of your installation.

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