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Fig. 1: On the right: The new R&S®ZNBT8 network analyzer with 24 ports for simultaneous multiport measurements maintaining the highest standards of performance. In terms of measurement speed, the R&S®ZNBT8 outperforms even the fast switch matrix based solution delivered by Rohde & Schwarz, which includes the R&S®ZNB and the R&S®ZN-Z84 (shown on the left).
212 | General-purpose measurements

World champion: network analyzer with 24 ports

Twenty-four ports in a single network analyzer, each with the performance of a fast two-port analyzer – you won’t find that anywhere but at Rohde & Schwarz. This opens up entirely new options in development and production, such as rapid and precise measurements on a DUT with 24 ports in a single sweep or division of ports into groups for simultaneous measurements on multiple DUTs.

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