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For more than a decade, the ROHDE & SCHWARZ Training Center has been offering a constantly growing program of technical seminars for customers in the German language. Seminars held in English were conducted only on request. To better satisfy the training needs of our non-German speaking customers, we have now created a selection of seminars in English. The selection is based primarily on our German seminar brochure.


ROHDE & SCHWARZ Headquarters are at the center of our training activities. Here, experienced instructors inform and train the participants, we have all the test instruments and training equipment available, guaranteeing seminar success.. Additionally, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn about the latest test and communication equipment from ROHDE & SCHWARZ. Of course, it goes without saying that during your stay you should also take time to discover Munich, Germany’s "secret capital". But first to work...!

In-house seminars at the clients’ premises

Would you like a training for your employees en bloc? Would you like to transfer the acquired knowledge directly to practical work at your premises and solve the problems in your own working environment? Then, of course we can do the travelling and hold the seminar on-site in your company.

Ready-made seminars

The seminars presented in this booklet focus on solving your measurement problems. The program offers a variety of subjects allowing both the newcomer and the specialist to find seminars especially suited to their requirements.

Tailored seminars

If you require a specialized training in your company, we will arrange seminars that are especially adapted to your wishes. This starts with an analysis of the training aims and the target group which is then followed by the selection and preparation of the material and the training itself according to well-tested methods. It ends with the evaluation of the course quality by the participants. This ensures optimal benefits and optimizes the seminar contents.

We also offer training courses on instruments and systems operations, which speed up the efficient use of ROHDE & SCHWARZ test equipment.

Don’t forget: If you wish, these seminars can take place at your premises.

Small groups maximizing greater efficiency and learning outcomes

We limit the number of participants for all of our seminars to maximize the success of your learning experience. Therefore the transfer of knowledge is improved and intensified and individual problems can be discussed in greater detail.

Seeing, Hearing and Doing

Most seminars focus on practical exercises using modern test instruments and practice-oriented test setups. This maximizes the success of the training.

Train the trainer

We place great emphasis on our instructors (who are engineers) to be familiar with modern teaching methods, but in addition, that they convey the latest know-how and their long term engineering experience in a clear and interesting way.

External support

Wherever it is necessary and whenever it makes sense we are supported by university teachers and highly-qualified engineers from various authorities and industries. Our goal is that you are instructed by the most competent teachers available.

We are up to date

The content of all our seminars is constantly checked and revised taking into account the latest facts, changes and amendments within our industries. We guarantee up-to-date know-how in RF measurement and testing and updated documentation, especially with respect to recommendations, regulations and standards.

Think global

Our seminars cover a broad range of modern engineering, e. g. RF or EMC measurements. All of our seminar participants advance to become specialists in their particular fields. And those interested in a certain subject can naturally select the seminar of their choice.

Just a phone call away

However, this information may not cover all of your questions. Therefore, should you have special wishes, requirements or questions, simply call local ROHDE & SCHWARZ representative or the ROHDE & SCHWARZ Training Center in Munich.


It is very often the case that questions and problems arise at home after the seminar notes have been looked through or perhaps during your daily work. Should this be the case, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are also here to help you after the seminar and will find the solutions to any problems you might have.

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