1MA76: 3GPP Receiver Test Under Fading Conditions With CMU and SMIQ.

This application note describes how to generate 3GPP (UTRA-FDD) signals for receiver tests under fading conditions for user equipment. The test setup requires an R&S®CMU200 Universal Radio Communication Tester with option R&S®CMU-B17 IQ-IF interface and an R&S®SMIQ Vector Signal Generator. The test setup can be calibrated with either a R&S®NRP-Zx USB power sensor or an NRP, NRVD, or NRVS Power Meter. To calibrate the baseband and RF path and configure performance tests according to the 3GPP test specification 34.121 easily, the program 3GFadLevCor is included.

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1MA76_00e_3GPP_receiver_test.pdf Application Note English 00e 01.03.2005 1 MB
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