7BM105: Measurements on FM Transmitters for Acceptance, Commissioning and Maintenance

Despite the advent of advanced digital transmission methods, analog broadcasting remains highly important. Until now, measurements on FM transmitters in connection with acceptance testing, commissioning and maintenance required using a variety of T&M instruments.

The R&S ETL TV analyzer combines these instruments' capabilities in a single unit and can completely replace them. Now, for the first time, acceptance test measurements can be conducted on FM transmitters quickly and easily using just one compact test instrument. The R&S ETL provides the functionalities of a power meter, spectrum analyzer, audio generator, FM measurement demodulator, stereo decoder, audio analyzer and more in just one box.

Test Setup

This application note describes the setup and how to measure amplitude-frequency response, phase response, balance, stereo crosstalk, total harmonic distortion (THD), dual frequency distortion (DFD), spurious frequency modulation, spurious amplitude modulation, noise power density at 57 kHz and the polarity of the Input.

All measurements are conducted with the R&S ETL using test signals which are also generated by the R&S ETL.

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