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  • How to add new options to ROMES

    I ordered additional options for ROMES and received a new option file that contains the concerning new licences. But although I copied this file correctly to the application directory, where also the old one was located, I can't find the new options.During the installation of ROMES, the option file gives you the information on the options (especially hardware drivers and export filters) that are allowed

  • USB dongle connected, but ROMES runs only in "Replay mode"

    I removed the USB dongle from my PC with ROMES software. Now I connected the dongle again to the PC, but runs only in "Replay mode". How can I solve the problem?If the dongle works, the LED of the dongle lights up. Microsoft Windows requires that the dongle be registered in the device list. The device list therefore must include the "Aladdin Hardlock Key" and the "Aladdin USB Key".The problem is due

  • Expiration date for a ROMES dongle

    How can I find out the expiration date of my time-limited ROMES dongle?Follow the steps shown below (works with the ROMES dongle on the PC):On the ROMES DVD:Open the folder: ad onsOpen the folder: Licence server guiOpen the file: LicCentralgui.exePassword: cancelThis will open the program and show the "Licence valid until / expiration date"ROMES itself will also show a message if the remaining time

  • Operating Manuals for ROMES

    I found that my ROMES operating manual seems to have an older status than my current ROMES software. Is there always a new operating manual created with new software releases and how can I get a new manual after software updates ?We do not create new manuals for each new version, but update them at irregular intervals. Here an overview of the existing operating manual versions:Version 1 was based on

  • The distance-related 2D chart view does not display any data.

    In version 3.14 it seems to be possible to display measurement data not only in time-related, but also in distance-related 2D chart view, this option was not available in earlier versions. Although I am using a trigger unit (the so-called Trigger Box) as mentioned to be necessary in the configuration menu, I don't see any data then, only in time-related setting.From the ROMES point of view the distance-related

  • ROMES update version 3 -> version 4

    Error message during ROMES update version 3 -> version 4 - TSMXWhen updating ROMES version 3 to version 4, the Firewire driver must also be updated.This procedure is described in the attached file TSMx_Firewire.pdfThe drivers are also available on the ROMES v4.10 DVD.The necessary drivers are contained in the attached file Firmware__Drivers.zip Name Last Modified SizeTSMx_Firewire.pdf Nov 28, 2012

  • Installation

    I installed the ROMES software in Demo version. Now I bought a licence and received hardlock and option file (option.dat), but after I connected the hardlock and copied the option file to the application directory I still can't load any hardware drivers. Why ?During the installation of ROMES, the option file gives you the information on the hardware drivers that are allowed to use. And only for these

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