R&S®NRX Power Meter

R&S® NRX power meter
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R&S®NRX power meter
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R&S®NRX power meter
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R&S®NRX power meter
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R&S® NRX power meter R&S®NRX power meter R&S®NRX power meter R&S®NRX power meter

Key facts

  • Intuitive operation with touch screen based GUI
  • Supports up to four R&S®NRP and R&S®NRQ6 power sensors
  • Supports all sensor-dependent measurement functions
  • Optional high-precision CW and pulse mode reference source module
  • Optional power reflection measurements with NRT-Zxx sensors
  • 3 year warranty icon

The new power meter generation with modern and intuitive user interface

The R&S®NRX simultaneously supports up to four R&S power sensors and displays the results clear on the flexible configurable screen. The user interface with the touch screen based operating concept simplifies the operation. In addition function keys on the front panel provide quick access to the most important functions.

Features & benefits

Intuitive operation with touch screen based GUI

Straightforward numerical and graphical display of measured values, plus intuitive operation

The 5" TFT color display supports the intuitive, window based operating concept. Key parameters and functions are color-coded and can be seen at a glance. Results are presented in numerical and graphical display windows that can be easily configured. Function keys on the front panel provide quick access to the most important functions. Users can open the frequency setting menu or zero the connected sensors at the push of a button.

NRX Power meter
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R&S®NRX power meter with intutive GUI

Both, intuitive GUI concept and hardware key based operational concept are the base for the best user experience.

Up to four measurement channels

The R&S®NRX simultaneously supports up to four power sensors of the R&S®NRP family and R&S®NRQ6.

The R&S®NRX standard configuration includes one measurement channel. The base unit can be optionally expanded to two or four measurement channels. In the continuous average, burst average, timeslot and time gate average measurement modes, up to four numerical results can be displayed in parallel. Calculated values as ratio, SWR, return loss and reflection coefficient can be displayed in addition to the absolute and relative power level.

NRX Power meter
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The R&S®NRX with two R&S®NRP power sensors

Automatic pulse analysis

Results without the need of manual calculations

All R&S®NRP-Z8x wideband power sensors allow automatic pulse analysis. Up to 12 of 18 user-selected pulse parameters can be displayed in addition to the measurement trace.

NRX Power meter
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Automatic pulse analysis with the R&S®NRX

Sensor check source

High precision sensor verification in a module

An optional high-precision 50 MHz/1 GHz reference source module (R&S®NRX-B1 sensor check source) can be used in CW mode to check the function of all R&S®NRP power sensors. In pulse mode, the test generator can be used to check the pulse measurement performance of the R&S®NRP-Z8x wideband power sensors or the R&S®NRQ frequency selective power sensor.

NRX Power meter
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The optional R&S®NRX-B2 sensor check source

Power reflection measurements

Directional power meter measures forward and reflection power between source and load

The R&S®NRX optionally provides the R&S®NRX-B9 interface for the R&S®NRT2 directional power sensors. The R&S®NRX supports all the measurement functions of the R&S®NRT-Zxx directional power sensors as the R&S®NRT2 power reflection meter. The large, user-friendly touchscreen simultaneously displays the forward and reverse power.

NRX Power meter
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The R&S®NRX with R&S®NRT sensor

Flexible interfacing

Interfaces for sensors, remote control, triggering and analog output

The R&S®NRX provides three different remote interfaces for integration in automated test setups: Ethernet, USB and optionally GPIB (R&S®NRX-B8). A trigger input on the rear panel permits external triggering for synchronized power measurements. A level-proportional voltage or a digital signal for limit monitoring can be output via BNC connectors.

NRX Power meter
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The R&S®NRX interfaces on the rear side

Available options

Product Description


Order number 1424.7805.02


Sensor Check Source

50 MHz and 1 GHz ref. source


Order number 1424.8901.02


3. and 4. NRP Sensor Connection

(C,D), 8-pole


Order number 1424.8301.02


GPIB/IEEE488 Interface


Order number 1424.8601.02


Interface for NRT-Z Sensors

Removable interface for one R&S®NRT-Z

Software options
Product Description


Order number 1424.9208.02


2nd measurement channel


Order number 424.9308.02


3rd and 4th measurement channel

Requires R&S®NRX-K2

Product Description


Order number 1424.9408.02


8-pole interface cable, length: 1.50 m


Order number 1424.9408.03


8-pole interface cable, length: 3.00 m


Order number 1424.9408.04


8-pole interface cable, length: 5.00 m


Order number 1177.8184.00


19" Adapter BW2010-ADV, 2HU 1/2 + Spare


Order number 1177.8149.00


19" Adapter BW2010 Advanced, Cabinet 2HU 1/2 + ½

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