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  • R&S®BCDRIVE Broadcast Drive Test Software

    R&S®BCDRIVE Broadcast Drive Test SoftwareEfficient coverage analysis for terrestrial broadcast signalsOverview Features & BenefitsKey Facts Support of all relevant measurements in accordance with a variety of terrestrial broadcast standards Key FactsSupport of all relevant measurements in accordance with a variety of terrestrial broadcast standardsHighly informative output through precise signal

  • R&S®ETC

    to useEasy operation, network coverage analysis and automatic test measurement Fast selection of functions via keypad and rotary knob Easy compliance testing based on limit tables Reproducible measurements using user-specific measurement profiles, channel tables, transducers and cable models Efficient coverage analysis for terrestrial broadcast networks with R&S®BCDRIVE Automatic transmitter

  • R&S®ETL

    ETLK220 ETLK221 ETLK240 ETLK241 ETLK250 ETLK251 ETLK260 ETLK261 ETLK320 ETLK321 ETLK340 ETLK341 ETLK370 ETLK371 ETLK372 ETLK470 Audio, video and TS related options ETLK111 ETLK202 ETLK203 ETLK280 ETLK282 ETLK283 ETLK284 ETLK285 ETLK381 ETLK382 ETLK386 Software tools BCDRIVE TVSCAN_20 Transport stream libraries LIBK54 LIBK56 LIBK57 LIBK58 LIB-K70 LIB-K71 LIBK72 LIBK73 LIBK78 Available for already

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