MediaChoice launches new broadcast contribution service

Internet-only contribution network for Dutch local broadcasters built with RelayCaster. The service is available at and it allows regional broadcasters to bring their live signal to a central data centre.

MediaChoice contribution service
MediaChoice contribution service

After an extensive review of all available technologies for live contribution over unmanaged public Internet links, Dutch company MediaChoice is pioneering the use of the RelayCaster CDN solution as the operating platform for a service for local broadcasters.

The data centre acts as a media-hub, allowing the TV content to be made available to large telecommunication providers, ISPs and other operators to add new channels to their IPTV and Internet/OTT offering.

To enable a cost-effective solution, all contribution and distribution is carried out over inexpensive consumer-level public Internet links, such as DSL or DOCSIS. Furthermore, to enable reliable and secure transmission of the live stream, RelayCaster technology is used to build a fully redundant service with independent data centres.

Regional broadcasters subscribing to the service can choose an all-inclusive package from Media Choice, handling the complete contribution pipeline for a monthly fee.

Already, around 120 local broadcasters are being supported using RelayCaster and MediaChoice now plans to extend the service. 'We are very satisfied with RelayCaster, so it was an easy decision for us to select this solution again for the second phase,' says Ferry Ouwendijk, CEO of Media Choice.

The latest version of RelayCaster features integrated SDI / HDMI input and encoding, which add further value to this remarkably cost-efficient live content contribution platform.

Posted by Chris Dickinson, technology journalist and the editor of the Always On blog. 30th October 2017.