Photo: (L-R) Dave Hoxeng, WYCT, Johannes Vogl, Rohde & Schwarz, and Briton Smith, WYCT
Photo: (L-R) Dave Hoxeng, Johannes Vogl, Briton Smith

Florida station in HDradio first

Award-winning Florida radio station, WYCT-FM, has expanded its reach with the first Rohde & Schwarz HDradio transmitter in the US.

WYCT-FM in Pensacola, Florida, has become the first radio station in the US to install a THR9 transmitter with the HDradio option. The HDradio transmitter will allow WYCT to increase its listenership.

This year, WYCT-FM won the National Association of Broadcasters’ (NAB) Crystal Radio Award for its outstanding year-round commitment to community service.

Increasing listeners

At 100,000 watts effective radiated power (ERP), the THR9 delivers a much stronger digital signal than previous transmitters, significantly increasing the reach of the station to a much wider audience. The transmitter also allows WNRP – the AM news channel for WYCT – to multicast, with signals reaching an area that is five times larger than the previous broadcast area. This has helped to further drive HDradio into private households in the Pensacola area.

Bringing costs down

The liquid-cooled high-power transmitter replaces a 43-year-old air-cooled transmitter. It has a significantly smaller footprint than the old equipment, allowing WYCT to dramatically reduce both its infrastructure costs and operating costs. The energy savings and extremely low waste heat in the transmitter room were decisive arguments for the new purchase.

Posted by Chris Dickinson, technology journalist and editor of the Always On blog. 1st September 2017.