Photo: ZDF achieves DVB-T2 upgrade across Germany
Photo: ZDF achieves DVB-T2 upgrade across Germany

Historic upgrade at ZDF goes without a hitch

ZDF switched off DVB-T and upgraded to DVB-T2 without a hitch after one of the biggest equipment upgrades in the history of broadcasting.

The broadcaster selected the AVHE100 encoding and multiplexing solution from Rohde & Schwarz with HEVC technology from the Fraunhofer HHI for its headend implementation.

The integrated HEVC encoder, which provides real-time HEVC encoding of resolutions up to 4K/UHD at up to 60 frames per second, was developed by the Fraunhofer HHI, which also played a major role in the development of the HEVC standard.

Central signal processing

The AVHE100 handles the central signal processing as well as encoding and multiplexing for the new DVB-T2 network. It uses the new HEVC codec to deliver the best video quality at the lowest possible data rate. Another advantage is the statistical multiplexing that makes optimal use of the available bandwidth to provide viewers with outstanding picture quality.

ZDF was impressed with the system design, which includes a uniform user interface that is extremely powerful, while being straightforward and easy-to-use. The system’s Dolby audio implementation was also an important part of ZDF’s needs.

Posted by Chris Dickinson, technology journalist and editor of the Always On blog. 1st September 2017.