No Tapping Allowed

How can you put paid to industrial espionage?

Mr Wirth, you make smartphones tap-proof. Why is that so important?

Winfried Wirth, CEO, Rohde & Schwarz SIT, Berlin

Especially high-level executives are often on business trips and, as such, forced to hold highly sensitive conversations using their smartphones. Product development details, financial data as well as strategic plans are transmitted unprotected over public networks – an Eldorado for industrial espionage, causing immense financial damage every year. We want to put a stop to that.

What is your solution and how does it work?

Our TopSec Mobile is a small voice encryptor, that allows the user to continue to use the preferred smartphone and favorite apps. To make a confidential phonecall, the recipient need only accept the call with a simple press of the button on the cordless TopSec Mobile. The telephone number remains the same. The encryption and decryption takes place in the TopSec Mobile devices of both parties. This means that any malware in the smartphone has no access to the contents of the conversation.

Aren’t security apps a lot more practical?

Smartphone are susceptible to numerous attacks, particularly since users can surf almost the entire Internet and download uncertified apps from app stores and markets. Malware that can listen record and forward conversations can be installed quickly without the owner realizing. You can only talk seriously about security if you can ensure from the very beginning that there is no possibility of a viral infection. In recognition of this, we have developed a separate, user-friendly malware-free device.

Winfried Wirth, CEO, Rohde & Schwarz SIT, Berlin

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