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News Magazine No. 205 - 2012/1

Tracking down interference – with a handheld device

Locating the sources of interference and other signals requires the greatest possible mobility and flexibility – especially in applications involving coarse location tracking from a vehicle, followed by fine tracking on foot up to the location of a signal source, such as in buildings. This difficult task can be made a lot easier by a small, portable, high-performance direction finder. And now, one is finally available. The new R&S®DDF007 portable direction finder is the first of its kind. It turns any vehicle into a high-precision mobile direction finder in just a few minutes. On foot, for example inside buildings or in difficult terrain, this highly compact, easy-to-carry instrument helps operators pinpoint the location of a signal source. With its integrated wideband receiver and compact DF antennas, this small giant is unique on the global market.

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