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EMC32 Generic Monitoring, initiate single measurements


I would like to connect a EUT monitoring device. Unfortunately, the measurement device needs to get each time two commands:

initiate:single (this make start of measurement)
measurement1:level? (on this query it return value of level at CH1)

We did not find a solution at Generic Monitoring driver, as there is just only one command possible to send at each testing step. It means if we set "initiate:single" in Device programming tab, and "measurement1:level?" in Measurement Queries tab, then the measurement is done once, and at each next step we are getting the same value.

We need to be able to send both command one by one. Is it somehow possible?


Adaption of the generic monitoring driver to your device is done by entering remote control commands in the properties dialog of the driver, but we have to do it in a specific way. Please open facet 'General Commands' and add the command initiate:single to 'Trigger'.

Generic Monitoring - General Commands

After this, open facet 'Measurement Queries' to add your query measurement1:level?

Before running the Test, please make sure that you have activated 'Send Trigger Command' in the device settings of the EUT Monitoring Template.

"Send Trigger Command" activated

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