R&S®VSE Base Software User Manual

The Base Software User Manual describes general software functions and settings common to all applications and operating modes in the R&S VSE. Furthermore, it provides all the information specific to I/Q measurements in the I/Q Analyzer application. All other applications are described in the specific application manuals.

This manual covers the following topics:

  • Overview of all elements in the software user interface
  • Installation instructions
  • Basic information on how to connect and configure instruments which provide input to the software
  • Information on basic operation of the R&S®VSE
  • Introduction of the main features in a Trying Out chapter
  • Detailed descriptions of all functions in the I/Q Analyzer application, both for manual and remote operation.

For information on optional firmware application functionality, refer to the corresponding user manuals also available for download.

Refer to the data sheet for additional information on the R&S®VSE specifications.

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