Standard-compliant test of automotive eCall systems and A-GNSS positioning

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Key facts

  • Standard compliant conformance testing of EU eCall and ERA-GLONASS
  • Extendable with support for Next-Generation eCall
  • Automated test script inclusive DUT automation for the common eCall standards with the CMWrun Test Sequencer (Sample test plans included)
  • eCall PSAP certified by CETECOM
  • Instruments are certified by Russian Federal Agency Rosstandart to be used for measurements in government controlled areas, as required for the ERA-GLONASS emergency call system

Ensure a 100% reliably functioning eCall system that rapidly sends an alert and enables a fast rescue chain to save lives

Simplifies and accelerates the development and verification of your eCall system

The R&S®CMW500 in combination with the R&S®CMW-KA094/KA095 PSAP options and the R&S®SMBV100A/B or R&S®SMW200A  is a powerful solution for functional testing, standard-compliant conformance- and performance testing of your eCall and ERA-GLONASS modules. The R&S®CMW-KA096 extension for next generation eCall allows you to prepare today for future LTE and IMS based eCall systems. The CMW-KA090 enables A-GNSS tests. All in a lab environment, which saves time, reduces cost and minimizes field testing efforts.

Features & benefits

The ideal solution for standard-compliant conformance testing

  • Test that your eCall module complies with the standards e.g. CEN, ETSI, GOST-R etc.
  • Verify the IVS module is able to trigger an emergency call – automatically and manually
  • Verify eCall data transmission and the voice connection to the Public Saftey Answering Point (PSAP)
  • Compare received eCall data (MSD) with expected values
  • Verify the GNSS receiver accuracy (GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS etc.) and visualize the positions results on OpenStreetMaps.
  • Use the R&S CMW-KA09x remote interface to create your own test applications and scenarios.
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Conformance test solution for automotive eCall systems

GNSS receiver tests

  • Static and dynamic GNSS scenario simulation 
  • GNSS position accuracy analysis from MSD - 2D accuracy with threshold definition
  • GNSS performance testing for eCall modules
  • Testing against EU2017/79 Annex VI and UNECE 2016/07 performance criteria
  • GNSS performance testing for ERA-GLONASS modules
  • Testing against GOST-R-55534/33471 performance criteria
  • Assisted GPS (A-GPS) tests with CMW-KA090
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GNSS receiver performance test solution

Test automation for repeatable test results

  • Sequencer with Ready-to-use test script inclusive DUT automation for: 
  • Sample test plans related to eCall included for:
    • eCall (CEN, ETSI)
    • ERA-Glonass (GOST-R)
    • NGeCall (CEN)
    • K-eCall
  • Just GUI, no programming, no code compilation
  • Test creation, parameterization, execution and analysis in a single tool
  • Multitechnology sequenzer solution for varios applications supported by the R&S®CMW family
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Feature overview of R&S®CMWrun test sequencer

Available options

General analysis
Product Description


Order number 1208.4703.02


Enabling test software for eCALL


Order number 1208.8844.02


Enabling test software for ERA GLONASS


Order number 1211.2450.02


Enabling test software for NGeCALL


Order number 1208.4655.02


Enabling test software for AGNSS


Order number 1208.7431.02


CMWrun sequenzer software tool, eCall and A-GNSS applications


Order number 1211.3733.02


CMWrun sequenzer software tool, NG-eCall

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