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  • How to Connect the Control Cable from the FSP-B10 (ext. Generator Control) to the SMU200A?

    I have a spectrum analyzer with the external generator control option FSP-B10 and I want to connect the control cable to the SMU200A. Which BNC connector on the SMU200A do I have to use for 'Marker', 'Blank' and 'Trigger'?Connect the 'Blank' connector of the cable to the 'User1' connector of the SMU200A.Connect the 'Trigger' connector of the cable to the 'INSTR TRIG' connector of the SMU200A.The 'Marker

  • Analyzer Remote-Controlled over LAN Interface

    I am developping an application using the FSP. Remote commands are working well using the GPIB interface. Nevertheless, I am not able to use the same commands over the LAN interface (even if the ping command works fine). What do I have to do?Here is a little program in an EXCEL file.Please open ESPI_LAN.XLS and go to EXTRAS - MACROS - Visual Basic Editorto see the program.What you need for remote-controlling

  • Firmware Rollback

    I want to update my firmware. Can I also roll back the firmware to my old version before firmware update?When the analyzer firmware is updated, the analyzer will boot and operate exactly as before – in some cases even better. But if you want to return to the old version, you can restore the old analyzer firmware by pressing SETUP =>NEXT => FIRMWARE RESTORE.After you have pressed FIRMWARE RESTORE, the

  • Sending a Remote Control Ccommand Internally

    I need to send a remote control command to the device, but I do not have a PC available to control the device.Can I do this internally with the device itself?Yes, Go to the device's Windows function Open the Windows Explorer Open the C:\Program Files\Rohde&Schwarz\Network Analyzer\Bin folder Execute the iecwin32.exe program Choose the RSIB interface and push the Connect Now button Now you can write

  • How to check the internal Calibration Source?

    During calibration I got the error message 'CAL GEN signal low'.How can I check the internal calibration source?You can switch the RF path to the internal calibration source in the SETUP - SERVICE menu(menu for the FSL: SETUP - MORE - SERVICE).The calibration source should be a signal of 128 MHz and -30 dBm (for the FSL 65.8 MHz and -20 dBm).

  • Remote command „CALC:UNIT:POW DBUV” is not accepted

    We use the receiver mode. After sending the command “CALC:UNIT:POW DBUV” we get the error “-200,"Execution error; Function not available” back. That command is mentioned in the manual and the “unit” dBuV” should be available. What is wrong?You are right - in receiver mode it must be possible to use dBuV. In fact, that is the default setting after a preset.Please check if there is any other transducer

  • How to Create a User-Defined PRESET

    How to create a user-defined PRESETTo create your own PRESET, please proceed as follows:- Push the PRESET button.- Make the settings you want for your own PRESET.- Store the setup under a specific name (for example "MYPRESET")on the FSIQx, FSEx, ZVx and ESIBx:- Go to the "RECALL" menu (on the ZVx in the right side menu) and select the setup "MYPRESET" under"AUTO RECALL"on the FSQx, FSUx, FSPx, ESPIx

  • Remote Control: Interaction between TCP/IP Address and Subnet Mask

    I want to remote-control via LAN a device from a PC. The PC and the device have their own TCP/IP addresses, but I get no connection when I use those addresses. Which function does the Subnet Mask have?The controller can establish a connection via LAN in two different ways:It can query its local network to find a device with the defined TCP/IP address or ask a host server to search for a device with

  • Restore the Auto Logon Configuration

    Because of a LAN operation I changed the logon name. Now I have changed it back to 'instrument' but I still get a logon window for the password at every boot-up . How can I restore the normal auto logon configuration?In WINDOWS, please click START and RUN (opens 'regedit') and then OK.In the tree on the left-hand side, choose the following:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEthen softwarethen Microsoftthen WINDOWS NTthen

  • How can I Update my Analyzer via LAN?

    How can I update my analyzer with embedded WIN XP via LAN?- Open a remote desktop session to the analyzer on your PC- Close the analyzer function on the PC with ALT + F4- Open Start=> Settings => Control Panel => Security Center => Windows Firewall => Exceptions- Enable 'File and Printer Sharing'- Start the Windows Explorer, go to Tools, select 'Map network drive..' and enter '\\<TCP/IP-Address of

  • How can I Switch from Remote to Local State via Remote Control?

    How can I switch from remote to local state via remote control?Using a GPIB connection, you can send a Go To Local (GTL) command.If you use VISA, the command is viGpibControlREN and you have to send the VI_GPIB_REN_DEASSERT_GTLmode.You can also use this solution when you perform programming with drivers.If you use the GPIB driver, you need the GTL command.

  • Reset the RS-232-C connection

    I control the analyzer via RS-232-C.I perform a single sweep which is triggered by an external trigger. I synchronize to end of sweep with "*OPC?".Sometimes the external trigger does not come and the "*OPC?" command ends in a time-out.After this time-out the RS-232-C connection jams.How can I open the connection again without restarting the analyzer?Please send the command "@DCL" after the time-out

  • Upload and Download of Transducer Factors

    Is there a tool for downloading transducer factors to my test receiver?Yes, there is a tool. Please run the attached Excel file. It contains a table forfrequencies and factors and a selection of different units. You can alsoselect linear and logarithmic interpolation. You can download a transducer factorvia the GPIB or LAN interface (if your test receiver is also equippedwith a LAN interface). Name

  • Possibility of Recording GPIB Commands?

    Remote control: Is it possible to record the GPIB commands that the spectrum analyzer receives?Yes, you can activate this feature under:'SETUP' => 'SERVICE' => 'NEXT'' => 'NEXT' => 'COMMAND TRACKING'Then you will get the file 'IEC_CMDS.LOG' with the commands in the folder 'D:\R_S\INSTR\LOG\'.Please deselect the tracking option afterwards by pushing the 'COMMAND TRACKING' button.

  • Correct Step Size for a Stepped EMI Scan?

    Why is it important to use the correct step size for a stepped EMI scan?In the case of EMI measurements, the frequency range is analyzed in frequency steps. An important parameter is the IF bandwidth specified by the standards. The step size for a scan depends on the IF range.The step size is important for the following reasons:- If the step size is very large, narrowband interferer cannot be detected

  • Remote Desktop: How can I see all Analyzer Buttons on the PC Screen?

    I have connected my PC to the analyzer via LAN. The firewall settings are made, I have a remote desktop connection, but I cannot see all buttons of the analyzer on my PC.I even shut down the analyzer function and restarted the analyzer function on the analyzer, but this did not help either.Please do not restart the analyzer function on the analyzer. You must restart it from the PC.Perform the following

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