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  • Analyzer Remote-Controlled over LAN Interface

    I am developping an application using the FSP. Remote commands are working well using the GPIB interface. Nevertheless, I am not able to use the same commands over the LAN interface (even if the ping command works fine). What do I have to do?Here is a little program in an EXCEL file.Please open ESPI_LAN.XLS and go to EXTRAS - MACROS - Visual Basic Editorto see the program.What you need for remote-controlling

  • Sending a Remote Control Ccommand Internally

    I need to send a remote control command to the device, but I do not have a PC available to control the device.Can I do this internally with the device itself?Yes, Go to the device's Windows function Open the Windows Explorer Open the C:\Program Files\Rohde&Schwarz\Network Analyzer\Bin folder Execute the iecwin32.exe program Choose the RSIB interface and push the Connect Now button Now you can write

  • How to check the internal Calibration Source?

    During calibration I got the error message 'CAL GEN signal low'.How can I check the internal calibration source?You can switch the RF path to the internal calibration source in the SETUP - SERVICE menu(menu for the FSL: SETUP - MORE - SERVICE).The calibration source should be a signal of 128 MHz and -30 dBm (for the FSL 65.8 MHz and -20 dBm).

  • Firmware update without running analyzer application

    My analyzer application is no longer running.How can I update the firmware without a running analyzer application?You can update the firmware with the FSLUpdateTool (FWUpdateTool in ETL) Windows program.This program can be found under :Start - Programs - AccessoriesSimply unzip the firmware file to a USB stick, connect the stick to the analyzer, start the program and follow the instructions.

  • Different frequency data export using ASCII trace export SCPI commands

  • More Battery Capacity Required

    If more battery capacity for mobile operation is required, is there a solution?If the normal capacity of the R&S®FSL-B31 NiMH battery pack (1300.6408.02) is not sufficient,the Li-ion battery pack for the R&S®ETL can be used as an alternative.Product designation: R&S®ETL-B235 10 Ah Li-ion battery pack with battery charger (2112.0262.02)with a battery capacity of 10 Ah.The Li-ion battery pack will be

  • FSL Remote Control: SCPI Commands are not accepted

    I have verified the SCPI command by means of the manual - it is definitely correct. But I get an error back and the command is not performed. What is the reason?Possible reason:This problem may occur if you "copy and paste" the command from the PDF document. In this case, some kind of "control characters" is inserted into the command, and these characters are not accepted. Unfortunately, you can only

  • Install new Software Option

    I have ordered a new FSL-Kxx software option for the FSL. How can I install the newsoftware option on my FSL?First of all, we recommend that you install the latest FSL firmware. You candownload the firmware update from the product-specific R&S website. Whilethe firmware update is running, a dialog box will come up with the availableinstallation packages. Please make sure that you select the appropriateFSL-Kxx

  • SCPI Command Tracking

    How do I perform SCPI command tracking?Using command tracking on the R&S FSL/FSV:- Turn on command tracking using the menu Setup/General Setup/GPIB/(FSL: More)/I/O Logging On- Start the remote program- After executing the remote program, you can browse through the log file located in the following folders:c:\R_S\Instr\scpilogging\ScpiLog.txtor for newer firmware versions:c:\Program Files\Rohde-Schwarz

  • How to Measure the Bandwidth of a Transmission Channel

    I have to measure the bandwidth of a filter or transmission channel. How can I do this?In the Spectrum Analyzer mode, you can use several markers and delta markers and findthe bandwidth manually. However, using the "n dB down" marker function is more convenient:"n dB down" activates the temporary markers that are n dB below the active reference marker.They are placed to the left and right of the reference

  • State of external reference via remote control

    I have switched to an external reference frequency.How can I check if the frequency is locked via remote control?You can check the state of the external reference frequency with the STATus:QUEStionable:FREQuency registerSTAT:QUES:FREQ:COND?If the reference frequency is not locked, it will return a '2' or a '512'.If everything is OK, it will return a '0'.


    Our FSL displays an UNCAL message on the screen.On the FSP, we used the CAL button and started an internal calibration.Our FSL does not have such a CAL button.How can we remove the UNCAL message from the FSL display?You are right. The FSL does not have a CAL hardkey.To start the internal self-alignment procedure of the FSL, use the SETUP hardkey and the Alignment => Self Alignment softkey.Self-alignment

  • How to use SELF ALIGNMENT.

    I had a look at the SETUP => ALIGNMENT menu and found a softkey labeledSELF ALIGNMENT. What can I do with it?SELF ALIGNMENT is a tool that creates and uses internally storedcorrection data. It helps to maintain the measurement accuracy of theFSL.A self-alignment should be performed at regular intervals to eliminate driftdue to aging or temperature. For optimum results, we recommend that you runa self-alignment

  • Login Password for ZVA

    What is the login password for the ZVA, ZVL and FSL ?For the ZVA: user name: instrument, password: instrumentFor the ZVL and FSL: user name: 123456, password: instrument

  • How to start the internal alignment on the FSL and get the results via external commands

  • FSL Blue Screen or Application Crash

  • Remote Desktop: How can I see all Analyzer Buttons on the PC Screen?

    I have connected my PC to the analyzer via LAN. The firewall settings are made, I have a remote desktop connection, but I cannot see all buttons of the analyzer on my PC.I even shut down the analyzer function and restarted the analyzer function on the analyzer, but this did not help either.Please do not restart the analyzer function on the analyzer. You must restart it from the PC.Perform the following

  • How can I Update my Analyzer via LAN?

    How can I update my analyzer with embedded WIN XP via LAN?- Open a remote desktop session to the analyzer on your PC- Close the analyzer function on the PC with ALT + F4- Open Start=> Settings => Control Panel => Security Center => Windows Firewall => Exceptions- Enable 'File and Printer Sharing'- Start the Windows Explorer, go to Tools, select 'Map network drive..' and enter '\\<TCP/IP-Address of

  • Remote desktop: How to show the front panel buttons?

    We have a Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyzer connected to our LAN, using the Remote desktop.The front panel (where AMPT, SPAN, BW and other parameters could beaccessed) is not available. How to show it?To switch on the front panel buttons on the FSL remote desktop, please push the F6 button on your keyboard.This activates a front panel emulation in the FSL, which then shows a front panel with all hardkeys

  • FSL does not boot

  • Measurement points of a spectrum analyzer

  • How can I Switch from Remote to Local State via Remote Control?

    How can I switch from remote to local state via remote control?Using a GPIB connection, you can send a Go To Local (GTL) command.If you use VISA, the command is viGpibControlREN and you have to send the VI_GPIB_REN_DEASSERT_GTLmode.You can also use this solution when you perform programming with drivers.If you use the GPIB driver, you need the GTL command.

  • Use of Frequency Counter

    The frequency of my signal can be measured with normal markers, but I want tohave it more accurate. Is there any solution and what is the reason for thelimited accuracy?The frequency resolution of the marker readout is limited by the number of display points on the frequency axis.This limits the accuracy.Especially in the case of large span values, the absolute frequency error can be significant. If

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