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Title File Version Date
How to Apply Patches against the Vulnerability CVE -2019 20192019-0708 (“BlueKeep”)

This document describes the procedure how to apply the Microsoft patches to R&S devices running Windows XP or Win7 operating systems in order to harden against CVE-2019-0708 exploits.
Please be aware, that only Windows XP (Embedded) and Windows 7 instruments are affected. Windows 10 instruments are not affected.

421 kB 1.3 20-Aug-2019
R&S®ETL Release Notes 645 kB V3.51 07-Jan-2019
R&S®ETL Open Source Acknowledgment 765 kB 02 04-Nov-2016
R&S®ETL Open Source Acknowledgment AV decoder part 953 kB 02 03-Nov-2016
R&S®ETL Firmware


To update the ETL®Firmware, copy and unzip ETL_3_51.zip to an empty directory on your PC.

Then, copy the extracted files to an USB stick, into the directory FW_UPDATE.

On ETL, press SETUP: More: Firmware Update: Firmware Update, and confirm the update with Execute.

For further details, please refer to the ETL manual or to the ETL_ReleaseNotes.


Do not enable R&S®ETL Firmware Options, if your R&S®ETL has no corresponding R&S®ETL-B or -K option installed, please refer to section 3.1 in the release notes.

If you are running out of disk space during installation, please uninstall the old firmware manually. For details, please refer to section in the release notes.

277 MB V3.51 07-Jan-2019
Remote Access RS instruments in light of CVE-2018-0886. V2.10 348 kB V2.10 26-Jun-2018
Description: Boot Manager (Grub) Update for ETL with Windows 8

This update is applicable for R&S® ETL instruments with Windows 8 only.

192 kB V1.02b 11-Apr-2018
Fixing boot issue when USB devices are connected: Boot Manager (Grub) Update for ETL with Windows 8

Issue :

With some USB devices (e.g. wireless mouse / keyboard) connected to the R&S ETL, the countdown shown in the ETL’s recovery page during startup will stop at zero and will not close the recovery application.

This issue can be fixed by installing the Boot Manager Update (Grub Update).

Related products :

R&S ETL with Windows 8 and ETL image version 3.00 and 3.01. This fix is

implemented in all ETLs with ETL image version 3.02 or higher.

Please refer to the instructions in the following file.

339 MB V1.02 01-Mar-2018
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