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Broadcast and Media from Rohde & Schwarz

Broadcast and Media Solutions from Rohde & Schwarz

Experience - one of a kind

Rohde & Schwarz has been active in the field of TV and sound broadcasting for almost 70 years. The company has significantly contributed to the development of broadcasting, spanning the entire range from the analog to digital standards to the current high-definition formats. Rohde & Schwarz now supplies solutions along the entire broadcasting value chain, starting with post production in the studio and ending with transmission of the broadcasting signal. Rohde & Schwarz always provides the optimum solution for content providers, network operators and device manufacturers.

Customer Voices


"Once again this year we are placing our trust in the systems from Rohde & Schwarz – especially due to the hectic environment during the festival. The VENICE servers help us by reliably digitizing the various input media and preparing them for further processing. With its incredible speed, the CLIPSTER mastering station lets us generate all DCPs in plenty of time before the festival starts."

Ove Sander, Technical Manager - Digital Cinema, Berlin International Film Festival


"The solutions from Rohde & Schwarz help us to offer our customers the best program in the best possible quality. Plus, the R&S VENICE 4K enables us to optimize our workflows: it records a UHD signal as a complete native file, so we no longer have to merge quadrants via external systems and therefore also save time."

Christian Barth, Head of Strategy & Architecture / Broadcast Services at Sky Deutschland


"We were extremely impressed with the comprehensive capabilities of the R&S R&S VTC/VTE/VTS family. And CalMAN 2016 now takes full advantage of all the R&S VTC/VTE/VTS’s capabilities.”

Stacey Spears, Portrait’s head color scientist and chief software architect.


“We are very excited to work with Rohde & Schwarz in this new and evolving technology that will drive the future consumer viewing experience of video content. Rohde & Schwarz has shown exemplary commitment to quality and support in helping us through the evaluation phase. We look forward to launching our first UHD channel and promoting this new technology together.”

Sabrina Cubbon, Vice President Business Development & Strategy, at Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (AsiaSat)

May the most efficient code win!

Students put theory of broadcasting into practice and compete against teams worldwide. Join in and win up to 3000 USD per team and a trip to the finals in Munich. Find out more about the task. Register now!


Rohde & Schwarz Engineering Competition World League 2017

Qualifiers: April 1st to May 23rd, 2017

Finals: June 21st to 23rd, 2017

Engineering Competition 2017

Our Experts

Jürgen Nies

Jürgen Nies

"For almost 70 years, Rohde & Schwarz has played a key role in advancing the development of broadcasting. In close collaboration with our customers, we are already working on tomorrow's solutions today. The broadcast industry is moving toward cloud-based solutions and virtualization. We offer not only conventional but also our first software- and cloud-based products, providing our customers with solutions that enable them to respond flexibly to current and future requirements."

Jürgen Nies

Executive Vice President, Broadcast and Media

Cornelius Heinemann

Cornelius Heinemann

"Our state-of-the-art digital transmitters have allowed us to extend our global market leadership. Rohde & Schwarz is continuously driven by the idea to make life easier for our customers. Efficiency has always been our greatest strength. We have spent many resources in R&D to find the best method to dramatically increase efficiency, because we always think about our customers’ total cost of ownership."

Cornelius Heinemann

Vice President, Transmitter and Amplifier Systems, File Based Media Solutions

Stefan Weidner

Stefan Weidner

"NAB and IBC are the places to be in our industry. Meet us there and learn more about our file-based media solutions. Let’s talk about 4K, HDR, IMF and more – we are the experts."

Stefan Weidner

Director of Market Segment Media

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