Midrange Network Analyzers

Rohde & Schwarz midrange network analyzers offer high-end RF performance at a midrange price. They are ideal for production and development.

Midrange Network Analyzers and Extension Units

  • R&S®ZNBT Vector Network Analyzer

    Network analysis with up to 24 test ports

    • R&S®ZNBT8: 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz
    • R&S®ZNBT20: 100 kHz to 20 GHz
  • R&S®ZNB Vector Network Analyzer

    Leading in speed, dynamic range and ease of operation

    Frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 40 GHz

    • R&S®ZNB4: 9 kHz to 4.5 GHz
    • R&S®ZNB8: 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz
    • R&S®ZNB20: 100 kHz to 20 GHz
    • R&S®ZNB40: 100 kHz/10 MHz to 40 GHz
  • R&S®ZNC Vector Network Analyzer

    Solid performance on a future-oriented platform

    Frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz

    • R&S®ZNC: 9 kHz to 3 GHz
  • Switch Matrix

    For two or four-port R&S®ZNB, configuration of up to 48 test ports possible

  • Accessories

    Overview of Accessories for Network Analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz

    • Calibration kits and calibration units
    • Test cables
    • Adapters
    • Attenuators
    • Terminations and Matching Pads
    • Power splitters
    • Bridges
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