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  • GSM Mobile Tests under Conditions of Fading

    GSM standard 11.10 prescribes a number of tests requiring measurements on mobile stations under multichannel conditions (fading). The combination of Radiocommunication Tester CRTP02 or CRTC02 and Signal Generator SMIQ allows cost-effective performance of the most important fading tests, in particular the tests according to sections 13.2, 14.2 and 14.3 of GSM 11.10. The aim of this application note is to familiarize the user with all the capabilities offered by the above combination of measuring instruments. The user should then be able to quickly generate and run his own fading tests using the IEC/IEEE-bus control commands described in this application note. To facilitate reading of the following, the testers CRTP02 and CRTC02 are referred to as CRTx.

  • Using the R&S®FSW for Efficient Measurements on Multi- Standard Radio Base Stations

    This application notes introduces the Multi-Standard Radio Analyzer function of the R&S®FSW and shows how it performs the measurement on multi-standard radio transmitters. It reveals interactions caused by the coexistence of signals of different cellular standards and localizes the root cause. With an example of a base station signal consisting of three radio access technologies (GSM/WCDMA/LTE FDD) it shows how easy interactions can be found. The R&S®FSW is the ideal tool for trouble shooting tasks with its combination of a large bandwidth and the versatile Multi-Standard Radio Analyzer in one measurement instrument.

  • Test Automation Tool for POLQA® and PESQ® Speech Quality Tests

    This application note provides an application program for level alignment, test automation and reporting with PESQ, POLQA and delay measurements on the Audio Analyzer R&S®UPV or R&S®UPV66.

  • RSCommander

    Versatile Software Tool for Rohde & Schwarz InstrumentsRSCommander is a versatile software tool for a wide range of Rohde & Schwarz spectrum-, network analyzers, signal generators and oscilloscopes. It allows for automatic instrument discovery, making screenshots, reading traces, file transfer and simple script creation.

  • Next-Generation (3G/4G) Voice Quality Testing with POLQA®

    This white paper describes the POLQA® algorithm implemented in the R&S®UPV Audio Analyzer and shows an example hardware setup for standard independent audio measurements.

  • Test your eCall and ERA-Glonass system modules

    The R&S®CMW500 and R&S®SMBV100A are the ideal team for motor vehicle type approval testing of your eCall and ERA-Glonass cellular modems and their GNSS receivers in line with the (EU) 2017/79 regulation.

  • T & M solutions for production

    Automatic functional testing of roof antennas

  • EMF long-term measurements

    Automated long-term measurements expand snapshot measurements associated with risk communication

  • Automatic BTS localization for 2G and 3G mobile radio networks

    Automatic BTS localization for 2G and 3G mobile radio networksRohde & Schwarz BTS localization

  • Automatic monitoring of emission parameters of registered broadcasting transmitters

    Automatic monitoring of emission parameters of registered broadcasting transmittersRegulators in all

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