Civil Air Traffic Control solution from Rohde & Schwarz

Civil air traffic control

Integrated ATC communications solutions for increasing aviation safety

Rohde & Schwarz helps ensure air traffic safety with its comprehensive range of technologies, services and products that cover the entire spectrum from air traffic control (ATC) working positions to antennas. Its services range from the delivery of turnkey solutions and components to subsequent implementation and operation. The independent company offers its customers extensive and profound expertise accumulated over many decades.

Safe, reliable and uncompromised
Air navigation service providers (ANSP) and ATC organizations such as major airports with their own ATC tower operations have a huge responsibility to ensure safe, reliable and smooth management of air traffic. They also have to meet today’s market-oriented demands for civil aviation. Solutions for this critical infrastructure need to be reliable, interoperable and cost-effective.
For more than 35 years, Rohde & Schwarz has supported supervisory authorities, airports, ANSPs and airlines throughout the world with an impressive range of solutions – from radios and voice communications systems (VCS) to turnkey solutions and subsequent operation of these systems.
With 30,000 ATC radios installed and more than 200 systems implemented in more than 80 countries, customers around the world rely on the uncompromising quality of our products and the user centric design of our ATC solutions.

Fully IP based, integrated communications suite
A geographically distributed, IP based communications infrastructure from Rohde & Schwarz is the optimum solution to today’s challenges. R&S®VCS-4G in combination with R&S®Series4200 radios ensures safe and economical air traffic management.
Unlike older tool data management (TDM) systems, modern VoIP systems shift the processing of information to decentralized equipment. A fully IP based solution can be distributed between several locations so that a fault in one part of the system does not affect the rest of the system. Geographical redundancy provides additional resilience against faults in these systems.
EuroCAE defines voice communications in the ATC environment in the ED-137 standard. All ATC communications equipment from Rohde & Schwarz complies with this standard, ensuring that all system components are harmonized with each other.
The shared use of identical resources at multiple locations considerably reduces the investment costs for ANSPs. Additional cost savings arise from the fact that this IP infrastructure can be used for transmitting both speech and data. This results in significant synergy effects in procurement, operation and maintenance.

Modern solutions for secure air traffic control

VoIP systems

IP based solutions for advanced airport tower systems.

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Remote tower

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Taking bearings and determining the direction of aircraft.

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