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Why do I see only one Result Table in the EMC32 Explorer although I set two Detectors?


I choose two detectors for the EMC32 final test. Why does one result table not appear in the EMC explorer after the test?

Are the autotest settings not suitable?


An autotest consists of several test phases with measurements. These measurements are made with one or two detectors depending on the chosen template:


test phase 1st detector result 2nd detector result


Preview MaxPeak MaxPeak --- ---

Data Reduction MaxPeak => *) MaxPeak

Zoom I MaxPeak MaxPeak Average Average

Maximization MaxPeak MaxPeak --- **) ---

Zoom II MaxPeak MaxPeak Average ---

Adjustment --- --- --- ---

Final Measurement QuasiPeak QuasiPeak Average ---



If preview uses one detector only, but final measurement uses two detectors, then the result of the first detector is also used as a result for the second detector after data reduction.

This behavior is required for preview with spectrum analyzers where only the MaxPeak detector is available.


In this case, a second detector has not been defined. Therefore, the Zoom I results for the second detector are not examined any further in the maximization test phase.

For maximization, the same scan template was selected as for preview.

For this reason, there are no results regarding the second detector in any of the other test phases.

The average result of Zoom I stays visible until the end of the test (see graphics captions).

We recommend that you use the same scan templates for maximization and for zooming.