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  • Board Network Analyzer

    Board Network Analyzer Brochures and Data Sheets Flyer Board Network Analyzer Making a personal computer a vector network analyzer R3760 Demands for miniaturization and lower costs of antenna are increasing with spread of wireless communications, such as wireless LAN and Bluetooth. ADVANTEST has developed the world’s first semi-microwave band board network analyzer R3760 taking advantage of its

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  • Catalog R3755A/3760

    MHz 100 kHz 10 kHz 300 MHz Board Network Analyzer R3755A 300 MHz Board Network Analyzer R3755A U Measurement example with R3755A sample software R3755A/3760-2E Jan. ’11 3 Compact size, light weight, low power consumption of less than 20 W, and with the capacity to drive up to eight units in parallel. The R3760 network analyzer, low in cost and with a space-saving design, measures and evaluates the

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  • R3755A Specifications

    R3755A Specifications Brochures and Data Sheets Specifications R3755A/R3760 Network Analyzer Operation M anual 7. SPECIFICATIONS 7-1 7. SPECIFICATIO NS 7.1 R3755A Specifications This chapter describes about the function of the R3755A and the performance/specification together. 1. M easurement Function 2. Signal Source Section (25 C 5 C, and calibration period: 1 year) M easurement channels 4

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