Application Notes

Modulation and Signal Generation with R&S®Signal Generators

Signal generators play a vital role in electrical test and measurement. They generate the test signals that are applied to components such as filters and amplifier, or even to entire modules, in order to ascertain and test their behavior and characteristics. The first part of this educational note presents the applications for and the most important types of signal generators. This is followed by a description of the construction and functioning of analog and vector signal generators. To permit a better understanding of the specifications found on data sheets, a closer look at the most important parameters for a signal generator is provided.

Beyond the output of spectrally pure signals, a key function of RF signal generators is the generation of analog- and digitally modulated signals. The second part of this note therefore presents the fundamentals for the most significant analog and digital modulation methods.

The third part of this educational note contains exercises on the topics of analog and digital modulation. All described measurements were performed using the R&S®SMBV100A vector signal generator and the R&S®FSV spectrum analyzer.

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